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Pyramids, Sphinx, Papyrus Museum and Cairo Egypt

After a noisy, but comfortable nights sleep we were woken by our 8am wake up call. As we were on a tight schedule is was breakfast at 8:30am and after a quick talk with the head of The Adventure Company for Egypt it was time to leave to the first out of three main things we were going to do today - The Pyramids and Sphinx. Our group decided that we would give a 'kitty' of money to our tourguide so he would take care of all the tips. After a short drive we arrived at the Pyramids. Our guide was very informative and used roleplay to help us understand who the pyramids were built for. Then we could go up the first few steps on a large pyramid and there was an opportunity for photographs. Next we walked a little way to a smaller pyramid, where we could go inside using a VERY narrow sloping walkway with sort of steps. It was quite small in headroom but eventually we all made it to this room at the end which would have been a tomb. Once we got out of that pyramid, Egypt felt freezing in comparison! After this we walked to another massive pyramid where,if you bought tickets, you could go a long way down inside it. Again it was extremely hot and became quite stuffy. 
Following this we drove to the Sphinx where we spent some time learning about its history. We could also take pictures - my dad got a great one of my brother, where it seemed as if he were kissing the Sphinx! Soon after we went to the Papyrus Museum where the people there explained how they made the artwork there. We could buy things and have a go at making them ourselves. For lunch we drove to a takeaway plac. I had felafel and coke. Our final stop for the day was an Egyptian museum, where we looked at different things from tombs and kings/queens. The best part of the museum was seeing King Tutankamens tomb and mask - they were incredible and it was amazing to see them up close. By the time we got back to the hotel it was 5pm, we hadnt realised how quickly the day had gone! As we are climbing Mount Sinai the day after tomorrow and it requires a very early start, this would be the last proper nights sleep that we got.... so everyone hurried off to bed!

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3. Moderate
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Pyramids & Petra - Family Holiday

Egypt, Jordan, Middle East | 12 days
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Families only
The Monastery - Jordan on our family holiday
A journey across Egypt and Jordan – home to the wonders of many ancient civilizations.

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