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Phoebe (aged 14) blog on Around the Bay Of Naples

We stayed in three places on this trip, but in Italy, every place is so different. First we went to Naples, which was very busy and seemed quite scary at times but it was exciting. Our guide Davide paid a lot of attention to us. He was more than a guide really. He came with us to every meal and played football with us and never seemed to get annoyed, even when we teased him!

After staying in Naples in a lovely hotel, we went by boat to the island of Capri. Capri is small and mountainous but was welcoming and colourful. We took this amazing purple open-top limo up to our hotel which made me feel so special! On Capri, the people were all very nice and everyone seemed to share one common interest- football! When the game was on, you didn’t see one person walking down the road, probably because every pizzeria and bar was showing it on big projected screens. We went on a boat around the island and chilled out sunbathing on deck.

In Sorrento, it was lovely because we stayed in a really nice villa and we got to visit Pompeii which was always going to be a highlight. It rained when we went there, but we took refuge under a few pillars and listened to our special Pompeiian guide, Alfredo, who obviously knew a lot about the place. He showed us casts of the Romans who had died in the eruption, it was amazing because they looked so similar to us. They looked just like us in fact.

The two other families who came with us on the trip were great. We all got along really well, we children were all the same age and we had a laugh. When we went pizza making the chefs were amazing, a lot faster at making pizza than I thought they would be. It only took about 10 minutes to cook a margarita and they even let us make Nutella calzones for dessert! Because we were there over Easter we were lucky enough to see the Good Friday pageant through the city of Sorrento. This was very traditional and had hundreds of people walking through the streets. It looked like something out of a movie.

The trip made me realise how much history you can see in Italy, stretching right back across thousands of years. It also made me realise how delicious proper Italian food is. 

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Receiving our certificates for pizza making
Receiving our certificates for pizza making
Good Friday pageant through the city of Sorrento.
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Around the Bay of Naples - Family Holiday

Europe, Italy | 8 days
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Explore the ruins of Pompeii, Capri's Blue Grotto, bustling Naples, mighty Vesuvius and savour Italian rural life and pizza.

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