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Today we had a fun-packed day at Petra. We left the hotel at 9am and arrived at the entrance to Petra soon after. After a long wait for tickets we started the half hour walk down to the Treasury. Many of the children got a horse ride for about 1000m of it, which was nice. You cannot realise how beautiful the Petra is until you actually see it for yourself. The Treasury was carved into the rock by people so who lived in the city - it is enormous; so we were given some free time to look around. By this time it was probably around 10am. When we finished Petra it was about 4pm. Between this time we walked and climbed a long way. We saw many sights including Obelisk Tomb and bab As - Siq Triclinum, As Siq(Main Entrance) Al Khazneh(Treasury), The High Place of Sacrifice (where they sacrificed animals for God as part of their religion, streets of Facades + the theatre, Urn Tomband, a church. Although it was a very tiring day we all enjoyed it and the sights were incredible. it was really weird to think that archaeologists had to uncover it! And that people had lived there. Our guide left us at the Streets of Facades and we were allowed to shop. We bought a book named 'Married to a Bedouin' and because the author was there she signed it for my mum. About 45minutes later we arrived back at the car park and drove back to the Oscar Hotel.

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3. Moderate
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Pyramids & Petra - Family Holiday

Egypt, Jordan, Middle East | 12 days
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Families only
The Monastery - Jordan on our family holiday
A journey across Egypt and Jordan – home to the wonders of many ancient civilizations.

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