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Peru - what a country

went on Classic peru trip 25th september it was amazing. The highlight of the trip for me was of course Macchu Picchu arriving at the sun gate and looking down at the sight below was truly one of the highlights of my life a dream fulfilled. But there was so much more to the trip the Nazca lines the Balleastas Islands (forgive spelling !) Watching the sun go down over the desert and on Lake Titicaca the condors etc etc etc. Our tour guide Max was a legend full of interesting information and fiercely proud of his country. When we had a couple of problems these were swiftly resolved. Even the days when we had hours of travelling were interesting I have never seen a market inside the tracks of the railway as the train passed over it. The only down side and this was a big down was the service on Iberia - DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THEM !!

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4. Demanding
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Classic Peru

Americas, Peru | 22/23 days
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Sun Gate, Machu Picchu - Peru
A complete journey through southern Peru. Follow the desert coastline to the mysterious Nazca Lines and inland to Lake Titicaca and the The Inca Trail.

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22 October 2010

Thanks for your excellent feedback and we are glad that you had a good time on this trip. We are sorry you had problems with the airline and I can assure that it is uncommon for issues of this nature to occur on our trips. We take all comments raised after a trip seriously and hope that this did not detract from your overall enjoyment of your adventure.