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Out of Africa - Part Two

As he stalked Zebra and Eland – utilising the same techniques employed by generations of more experienced trappers - Colin spied a long legged grey haired specimen of mature years running along the dirt track towards him. Initially surprised at the speed, agility and athleticism he wondered in awe if there was a chase going on. Looking at the characteristics it was difficult to determine the exact classification and it was only when this strange species approached without fear or trepidation that he determined that it was in fact a very fit old man. I still had enough breath left to acknowledge Colin as I ran past on my early morning jog.

There is something magical about waking up in the bush and even more exciting about being able to run in the same environment as the animals. Meeting a leopard or lion might increase the heart rate and pace, but thankfully there seems to be a lack of predators in De Hoop so quite safe. Being able to run in the early morning as dawn breaks, to listen to the sounds, the big skies, the warmth of the sun, the smells, the feeling of freedom is a real awaking of the senses and conveys a spirituality and whilst we had a comfortable bed to sleep in and had modern amenities there was still an appreciation of nature in the raw

Amongst the many highlights of De Hoop are the rock pools – almost mini aquariums where the incoming tide deposits all manner of marine life from hermit crabs, limpets to mussels and small fish – and after visiting them we made our way back to reality via the dust roads leading from the reserve through farmland to Bredasdorp, Napier and Hermanus. This small town has been recognised by the WWF as the best whale watching location in the world. The reputation has certainly worked as the town has grown dramatically in the last few years and is a testimony to both the marketing and awareness of the potential of tourism if managed in an appropriate way. Whilst we had benefitted of seeing the young animals in Kruger etc we were just a little too late as the whales have moved on from the peak whale watching season of October. This did not stop us from the enjoying the magnificent scenery once again before returning to Pringle Bay just as the rain came on and a cold front arrived from the other side of False Bay and the Atlantic.

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Johannesburg to the Cape

Africa, South Africa | 21 days
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Thirsty giraffe! - South Africa
A great introduction to three fascinating countries, with a good balance of wildlife, culture and activity

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