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Is there anyone else booked on the Feluccas and Pharoahs leaving Sat 31st March?


Interested in linking up with any other families doing the above trip. I'm a single mum with two children - 15year old daughter and a 9 year old son. This is our first Adventure Holiday trip but we have a number of friends who have done it and said how fantastic it is. They have offered us a number of tips and suggestions of things to take.

Please make contact if you are going. It would be great to chat.



Tatras Winter Adventure (8 days) - Slovakia - Starting 12th February 2012

Would be great to hear from anyone who is booked on the Tatras Winter Adventure (8 days) - Slovakia - Starting 12th February 2012.  Hayley :-)

Going on a Family adventure? Read Rosie's advice

Travel, they say, does two things. It broadens the mind, and it provides memories. Particularly if you are a bit adventurous about it. My favourite moment in a holiday? Arriving. Stepping out of the plane, coach or boat; feeling the sun ( or rain) on my skin, hearing people talking in a different language. Being on another bit of the earth is just such a treat. “It’s magic!” I say to my children. Even hopping on the Eurostar amazes me. Sharing the magic with your children is of course one of the true delights in being a parent.

My Family Saharan Trip

What I really liked about Morocco were the local people. They were always really friendly to you, even when they were trying to sell you things. They always smiled at you and if you spoke the same language or even something close to it, you could have a really nice conversation with them!  We went to this amazing scarf gallery where all these scarves were hanging down and there were beautiful painted pots and tagines.

Our family adventure in Morocco

They are quite smelly. And their teeth look awfully menacing. When you are aboard one of them, and it stands up, there is a nasty moment,  as if you are on a fairground ride which is about to go terribly wrong. But believe me, riding through the Sahara on a camel is really one of those feelgood moments, even though – like me- you might be well out of your comfort zone while doing it.

Botswana: The best safari experience in Africa

There are quite a number of places in Africa that offer amazing safari trips by all accounts. I found it a real head scratcher having to deliberate over which country would best suit the needs of my family and I. While Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya were all perfectly viable options, I had heard that in order to experience the very rarest breeds of animal and bird, you had to go to Botswana.

Arabian Nights

Lying in the sand outside our camp for the night, gazing up at the sky searching for shooting stars, I was handed a small stone-like object. This Wadi Rum rock is like something from space we agreed. It was the lightest little stone I’d ever touched and I handed it around the group. Rob was not convinced however and shone his torch on my pebble. ‘No, that’s definitely faecal matter’ Rob declared. It seemed we had been lying next to a pile of dried camel droppings.

Morocco makes mountaineering easy

I hadn't really considered Morocco as a viable destination when I was looking to embark on a trekking trip. Like many people, my first ports of call when I scoured the internet for exciting mountaineering holiday ideas were Tanzania and Nepal. Both are famous for their monstrous peaks - Kilimanjaro and Everest - but once I chanced upon a review of Morocco's Atlas mountains, my decision was made.

Visit Vietnam for a real family adventure

Searching for the ideal place to take a family holiday really doesn't need to be stressful, well it isn't in my household anyway. Both my partner and I had always dreamt of spending a few weeks in the beautiful country that is Vietnam, so at least we were always singing from the same hymn sheet.

The Sahara desert: Where better to get away from it all?

Everyone knows the feeling that you get when work is getting on top of you, people are trying your patience, or your favourite football team has just been beaten again. You are often left standing amid the chaos of the UK urban rat race thinking: "I wish I could get away from it all".

I've gone through this episode on a number of occasions and recently I bit the bullet and took some time off to recharge the batteries. I needed an escape, somewhere that was the complete polar opposite to the monotony of nine-to-five Britain. I was headed for the Sahara desert.