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Family fun in Kenya

An adventure in Kenya and Tanzania doesn’t always make it to the top of the list when you think of perfect destinations for a family, but our family holiday this summer took us on the ultimate adventure to Kenya.  With so many to choose from, one of the most inspirational experiences of our trip was a visit to a local Masai village, the Tepesua Cultural Camp, which was a truly memorable experience for our us and our three children.   

We stayed at the Cultural Camp for one night which gave us a unique snapshot into local life.

Great UK Day Trips this Summer

Family travel website Take the Family shares its top days out with the kids.

Life, alas, can't always be about big family holidays and exotic locations, and if you're looking forward to autumn and winter trips overseas, you'll need to keep the kids entertained in the meantime – and often when the weather isn't so great. 

Save your battery and avoid losing your electronic devices at the airport

In light of the recent security changes, mobile phones and electronic devices need to be switched on and be accessible through the security process at all major UK airports.  If you’ve spent too long checking out your next adventure’s itinerary or can’t put down your latest book, check out a few ways to help save on battery life so airport security can be as smooth as possible for your family.

Turn the WI-FI off on ebooks. You don’t need the internet on to access books you have already downloaded, plus it drains the battery super-fast.

Q & A with Adventurous Alfie

One of our youngest travellers here at The Family Adventure Company tells us why he loves Thailand so much, and we couldn't agree more!

Q1. What is your best memory of the holiday?

A1. The day with the elephants. I fed them watermelons and pumpkins. We gave them a bath as well in the river. It was the first time I met an elephant.

Cultures, camping and cooking

Adventure Company traveller, Paula McNamara discovers the delights on India on her first adventure

It was something I had never done before, and in truth, not something that I ever wanted to do. But when I stepped off the plane into the chaos of Delhi, yes, it was a culture shock but within moments, I was fascinated.

Win a £100 Sports Direct Voucher in our Spot The Ball Competition

Planet Earth's biggest football competition is upon us and brings with it memories of tournaments past. Be it Gazza’s tears in Italy, Maradona’s Hand of God in Mexico, or Ronaldinho’s brilliant (or lucky) free kick sailing into David Seaman’s goal in Japan, all have a strong sense of place associated with them. Sadly, these three examples bring with them a reminder of England’s inevitable defeat in the competition.

Top 5 reasons to keep smiling about Thailand

For a country that has the reputation for being incredibly friendly and welcoming, the news about the military coup in Thailand is concerning. No one knows if the military leaders will look to re-establish a democratic political system in a few months … or how the country will settle.

However … what I do know is that I have just returned from the family holiday of a lifetime. With my wife and 3 kids we re-discovered our wanderlust. 

Here are my ‘Top 5 reasons to keep smiling about Thailand’:  

Why it's good to go on a family holiday

Going on holiday can be expensive and take a lot or organising and scouting the internet to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for. Sometimes the thought, “Why don’t we just skip it this year?” can come to mind, but here at The Family Adventure Company we feel it’s so important to go on a family holiday, and here’s why:

Six things you've got to do in Cambodia

Heading to Cambodia and overwhelmed by its incredible choice of activities, ruins and adventures? Here are our top six things that you’ve just got to do in Cambodia!

24 hours in Hanoi

Yes, it can’t all be done in 24 hours but you can try your hardest. Here’s what you can expect from a day in Hanoi.