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The Family Adventure Company put their customers in greater focus …

We all know what it’s like to be a customer and over countless times we have all experienced varying levels of customer service from outstandingly excellent to “how can they get it so wrong”  poor  service.  If you pick up any business magazine or view most adverts you’ll read how many companies are these days claiming that ‘It’s all about the customer’…

Is there a way to enjoy public transport on your daily commute?

Public transport couldn’t be more exciting because it’s the best platform for people watching.

Where to go in 2014 for a family summer holiday

We can't believe it's already March! February half term passed by in a flash and the Easter and summer holidays are fast approaching. That means, if you haven't already sorted out your family's next adventure, don't panic, here's three of our top favourite trips for 2014.

5 tips for packing the perfect rucksack for an adventure

A rucksack is the suitcase of an adventure traveller. You'll be carrying everything you need on your back, from batteries to trekking shoes, clothes to toothpaste so utilising every inch of space is key. The Family Adventure Company is no stranger to rucksacks, so check out these top five tips on how to pack the perfect rucksack for an adventure.

Safe practices for a happy Holi

The Holi festival is upon us and we've been in the streets of Pushkar, thrown paint at each other and had the looks in Heathrow when our green hair is on display. So, although festival season in India is a great cultural eye opener and bags of fun, we've got a few tips to keep you safe whilst travelling in festival season and to make sure you have the best adventure.

Traveller's Tales- Saharan Sands adventure 2013 by Yvonne Alexander

"Mum. Are you SURE we're in the middle of the Sahara Desert?" said my eight year old son, Evan, looking around, incredulously at the extraordinary, beautiful, silent, lunar landscape around him. I could understand his disbelief. We live, slap bang in the middle of London, so arriving by camel and constructiing a desert encampment, miles from civilisation, was like nothing we'd ever experienced before.

Top 5 must-see sites around the world

I recently returned from a trip around the world where I was lucky enough to see some of the most incredible sites in India, Cambodia, Eastern Africa and Vietnam, In some instances, it was the sheer magnitude of a landscape that mesmerised me , or I was left speechless staring at a single tile of an ancient ruin, possibly thousands of years old. So I wanted to share my top five must see-sites from around the world that I've visited.

Top 5 things to do in Cuba with kids

The atmosphere throughout Cuba is vibrant and lively; it has an intoxicating feel and a visit will leave you full of historical knowledge and with a passion for dance. I love Cuba because it's a friendly, beautiful place to take your kids. There's excitement, cultural enrichment and education, plus it has some of the best beaches in Latin America. Havana has just been named world's 'best destination' according to Wanderlust readers and rightly so. It's a must for families to experience the incredible ambiance of Cuba.

Galapagos Adventure

Travellers Tales: Galapagos Adventure

24/8/13 -5.30pm

Up at 2am at Heathrow for 6.30am flight to Amsterdam.

After 11 hours, I finally made it to our meeting point hotel, San Francisco de Quito, but still had another 2 hours flight time ahead of us early the next morning.  I was shattered.

6.pm- The hotel room was nice and I was ready and waiting to meet my roommate, plus yet to meet the others.

Why Kenya is great for a kids holiday

Kenya may not be top of mind for a holiday with the kids, but ... Enjoy superb wildlife viewing, visit conservation charities to see how they care for orphaned and injured animals, and meet with Maasai tribespeople on The Adventure Company's 10-day Land of the Masai family adventure, suitable for families with children aged 5 and older.