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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has plenty to offer the adventurous traveller, from its rich coast life to its striking archaeology. Colombo is a hub of activity. I’d recommend tea in the Colonnial Galle Face hotel and then a stroll along the promenade where hundreds of children and their families fly kites. Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress in the middle of the tear drop shaped island is a well worth a climb. Hot and sweaty but mind bogglingly impressive. My favourite place was Kandy and a hotel called Helga’s Folly, run by an eccentric Englishwoman and her pack of dalmations.


The home of the mighty Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the perfect introduction to Africa for those visiting the continent for the first time. Home to the Serengeti and the Ngororo crater and its rich abundance of spectacular wildlife but also the highest mountain in Africa. My advice for those attempting to climb the 5893m peak is to train properly and give yourself enough time to summit safely. Don’t underestimate Kilimanjaro, but respect it and you will have an experience you will never forget.


Having spent nearly four years in Latin America, I have a weakness for South America, and Peru in particular. The country has many hidden treasures, including the majestic Inca settlements of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu and the impressive cities of Arequipa and Cusco. My personal favourite is the Cotahausi Canyon in the South of the country. At 3500 m, it is the deepest natural canyon on earth, it not only provides one of the most spectacular hikes in the country but is also home to the Solimana river from which there is some pretty spectacular rapids to raft.

A homestay in Thailand

Our visit to a homestay village was the highlight of our trip.

Thailand really is the land of smiles, we were welcomed by young and old and treated to dancing – joining in was optional! The musical instruments were wonderful too with a couple of the drums covered with python skins from roadkill. We made our own rice puddings wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, our cooking teacher was very patient. We also got the chance to watch and try out basket making and weaving and had a go with the rice thresher.

Snowshoe in Bulgaria


Is anyone going on the High Peaks Snowshoeing holiday on the 23rd January or has anyone already been and can whet my appetite?!


Fabulous Nepal

If you think that Nepal is just for trekkers, think again. This fabulous country’s rich history and culture were evident throughout the tour from the fabulous architecture of Bhaktapur to the spiritual devotion shown by villagers in the small towns like Nuwakot and Bandipur.

Everest via Gokyo - my day by day account

Here’s my account on the Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek, March 2010.


On arrival at Kathmandu it was the chaos I expected, both at the airport and on the streets.

(Take a pen with you so you can easily complete the Visa Application and Landing Card on arrival.)


janine lane

Hi There. 

 Im doing Mera peak Expedtion in 2012 March 24th to 15th April, Cant wait  come on guys book on this trip, spring is great  in nepal then, Thats why Im going then.

Active in the Pyrenees

I travelled to Andorra earlier this year with my husband on the Active in the Pyrenees trip. I work in the Marketing department for The Adventure Company and this trip stood out as an ideal week away in the mountains enjoying some new and exciting activities – I couldn’t wait!

We arrived in Andorra late Sunday evening and joined the group for a nice roast dinner, the food all week was full and hearty, we certainly never went hungry! After getting to know the rest of the group over a few drinks we all decided to head to bed to get some rest ready for our first day.

Conquering the Inca Trail

Peru was absolutely awesome! Stunning scenery, amazing history & warm friendly hospitality. We hiked the Inca Trail in early May and it felt as though we had the whole track to ourselves. There were so many memorable moments, the view from Dead Womans Pass (4200m), playing football against the porters at 3600m high in the clouds, the excitement and the sense of achievement as you climb your last set of stairs to reach the ancient sun gate and look down over Machu Picchu.