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Mount Sinai & Monastery

A few hours later we all arrived at the bottom of Mount.Sinai. We all set off in the dark together. Zee had told us to wear lots of layers and however hot we got not to take them off. However I don't think this was good advice because I know everyone in my family got so hot they had to take layers off and even then they were still really hot! But if you are going on this trip, take layers with you just in case!! In the four hour climb there were several rest stops where we could sit and have a drink and chocolate. It was really exciting climbing because although we could not really see anything, we could tell how high we were getting. As we got higher up everyone seemed to get a second wind and we pushed on. Soon we got to the steps, 700 and something of them! When we all got to the top of those we had a rest and then climbed the remaining steps to the top of Mount.Sinai. People clambered onto the rocks to watch the sunrise (we had to wait a while!)Although the sunrise was not that special the views were absoultely breaktaking everywhere you looked! We could now see what we had been climbing. Soon it was time to go back down again......! Once we got back to the hotel, we had breakfast. A couple of hours later we returned to where we had started climbing Mount.Sinai and walked to the Monastry, where it was their religous day. We had a good look around the places that were open though. We queued for a while to look in the library. However when we finally reached the fornt on the queue (several people had pushed infront) the man asked us where we were from and when we said England he told us it was closed! I wonder if we had said we were from another place if he would have let us in!
After that we drove to Dahab, where we checked into our hotel room (The New Sphinx Resort). The kids went in the pool (it had a little slide!). I can't remember much of the day after that. We were all so tired! This was definetely the best day so far!

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3. Moderate
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Pyramids & Petra - Family Holiday

Egypt, Jordan, Middle East | 12 days
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Families only
The Monastery - Jordan on our family holiday
A journey across Egypt and Jordan – home to the wonders of many ancient civilizations.

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