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Moroccan Experience

I found this trip to be a great overview of Southern Morocco. Marrakech was everything I expected it to be, a wonderfully vibrant city with labyrinthine streets full of colour and excitement. Once out of Marrakech and into the villages of the Atlas Mountains it was clear that we had given the tourists the slip and ventured off the beaten track. The village stay felt like a stepping back to a simpler time, a world away from the 21st Centaury. 
Essaouira was an unexpected highlight. Its charming souks are set within the ancient walled city cut off from the outside world by narrow city gates so the streets are pedestrianised and the only traffic you have to avoid are the donkey carts. The adjacent port is full of light blue fishing boats bobbing up and down and people buying and selling the day's catch. If that weren't enough Essaoura also has a fine beach of golden sands stretching more than a mile to south the town. 
Morocco may be just a three hour flight from the UK but it feels like another world.

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Moroccan Experience

Africa, Morocco | 9 days
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Beautiful architecture - Morocco
The perfect break to discover the culture and history of Morocco.

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