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Moroccan Desert Adventure - Nov 2010

From the native Berber guides, Hassan and Ismail, Asthma the camel, campfire tribal songs, our nut and date stops, races up the sand dunes, counting shooting stars in unpolluted night skies, traditional Tagine dishes, making bread in a sand oven, sharing jokes with the camel drivers... learning to tie and wear your headscarves like a Berber, the amazing villages of flat-roofed pisé houses full of smiling faces, mint tea, the tours, the “discussions” and tipping. From the peaceful heat of the desert to the chaos and bustle of Marrakesh where the Souks, snakes, monkeys and night time markets delight and as long as you play the haggle game, try out your school level French you can find some fantastic bargains. This trip is an excellent introduction to Adventure Travel and as long as you are happy to live out of a backpack and not have a shower for a few days, share a tent with 7 other like minded escapees and don’t have an allergy to cinnamon, cumin or even camels for that matter then you can't go wrong. Morocco is a safe place to go to full of welcoming people … however not a trip for the squeamish or the 5 star hotel brigade. Our group had 16 people, 8 guys and 8 girls, ages ranging from 20 to 68 and everyone had an experience they’ll never forget. Great fun, great value, so go for it and you won’t regret it - KR

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3. Moderate
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Desert Adventure

Africa, Morocco | 8 days
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Camel trek - Morocco
Journey through wild and remote desert by camel, perfect for those wanting to leave the modern world behind.

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16 August 2011

cheers Sean,

I have emailed and hoping someone will get back to me with whole load of details..
am always better with things in print, as have short term memory loss....


15 August 2011

Hi, this is Sean from the Adventure Company.

This is amazing adventure in the desert. October is one of the best times of year to visit Morocco. The weather is comfortably warm for travel and you will have good clear days. you can expect temperatures of 25-30 degrees by day and at night cooler conditions, you will be provided for and warmth of Bedouin tent keeps cold at bay

A good tip – take a head scarf with you – it can get dry and dusty on a camel trek and it is good to have something to cover your eyes!!

Do contact Jon in our Sales team if you need anymore information. His number is 0845 6091490

Kind regards


14 August 2011

oh, am thinking of doing this in Oct.
what was the weather like??
any tips???