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Mature trekkers can do Toubkal in the winter

At age 57 I was unsure of my ability to reach the summit of Toubkal in winter (February). I did Kilimanjaro 4 years ago (Marangu route), but expected Winter Toubkal to be much tougher. In preparation I undertook general fitness training (running, cycling and walking), and consider myself to be reasonably fit.

On the day of our approach to the refuge, and again on our acclimatisation walk the next day, the snow was very deep and soft, and I did struggle at times with the exertion of sinking in on every step, and with the altitude. But our guides, Khaled and Hassan, were excellent, encouraging and urging me on. 

On the summit day itself, the snow underfoot was much more frozen and firm, and so was not so difficult. But the weather was bad, with thick cloud, high wind, low temperature and ice forming on everything. Despite that, and with the encouragement of the guides and the group, I made it to the top. We didn't stop there long!

How did it compare to Kilimanjaro? On Kili, the final stretch from Gilman's point to the summit was a real struggle, because of the altitude, but overall I found that it was mostly a steady plod. The ascent of Toubkal was much harder overall. But I did it! Which shows that at least one reasonably fit and active 57 year old was able to make it to the top!

Winter Toubkal
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Walking & Trekking
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4. Demanding
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Winter Toubkal (2013)

Africa, Morocco | 8 days
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The summit! - Morocco
This is your chance to conquer North Africa's highest peak - in winter.

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