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Adventure Holidays and before up till now

Well I've done too many 'package deal' places in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. Mostly finance led choices altough I have to say that some of them have been very good holidays, but these have generally been when I was younger and enjoyed a few drinks too many.

A little more adventurous was my short stint on a Kibbutz but 3 weeks of rain when I got there and getting high on fumes in a boot factory for 6 days out of 7 was not really my idea of fun.

Out of Africa - Part Four

Even the best things have to come to an end, and it was with emotional farewells that we said goodbye to each other in Cape Town today. A short trip to Hout Bay and the trip was over by 12.00.

A tour of China

I love traveling and was excited to find a single travel company that did tours of China. I was nervous and excited at the thought of meeting new people and seeing a new country within the safety of a group. I met with my fellow travelers in the VIP lounge in Heathrow and quickly got chatting about our expectations.

Jo'burg to the Cape

I travelled with the Adventure Company to South Africa in November. 
For me this trip was full of memories. Starting from the moment I joined the Big Red Truck in Jo’burg and met my travelling friends, to the time we said a sad goodbye in Cape Town.

We were a mixture of Brits, Dutch and Germans and along with our excellent guides, Jerry and Shandle, enjoyed many great experiences together.

Free day at Dead Sea Spa Hotel

We woke up early and rushed to the hotel breakfast because we (well, the kids) all wanted to go on the water slide. So after breakfast Adam, Alex and myself all went down to the Aqua Fun centre and went down the massive slide. We figured out that the best way to go down was on your stomach or on your back with your arms crossed like an egyptian mummy! Before lunch I must have gone down the slide about sixty times!

Flight from Amman to Heathrow

Day 12: 
We spent an extra day at the Dead Sea Hotel. We mainly went in all the pools (again)No rain today though!!! That evening we packed for our 4am start

Day 13:

Drive to Dana, shops and Nature Reserve

This morning we asked our guide for some time to go shopping so we could get presents and souveneers etc. We stopped at place which had a variety of shops (sand shops, furniture and jewellery) I bought a sand (from Petra) filled bottle and got the man to write my friends name in English and Arabic on it. He did this by using glue on the inside of the bottle to write my friends name and then putting in the black sand before tipping any excess away. We then drove and bought food for our lunch at a local bakery.

Dana Nature Reserve, Karack Castle and the Dead Sea

Today we did a lot! We started off with breakfast at the guesthouse, which again was nice but very similar to what we had for dinner the previous night (cheese, olives, bread...). We then drove for about five minutes further into the nature reserve where we transfered into a large jeep - which is the only vehicle allowed in the reserve from that point. After another quick ride we arrived at the start of the cave trail. We walked along narrow paths stopping when we got to each cave to look around it and our guide, Malik told us lots of infortmation. Malik also spoke the best English so far.

The Great Train Journey - Dar es Salaam to Selous

The heat is beaming in through the minibus windows, almost blinding me with the intensity of the sun, though not as bright as the variety of colours that can be seen on the streets and roads of Dar es Salaam. Arriving at the train station, I Jumped out of the minibus and was suddenly in the middle of a crowd of people with babies, luggage and food all strapped to their backs! I went over to first class where I hoped there would be more room and somewhere to go to the loo?