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Luangwa National Park

It was like a day at Wimbledon constantly looking from one side to the other. Only I wasn't sat at Centre court, my view was far more spectacular. I was in the back of a Landrover under the African sun as we drove through Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The wildlife here just doesn't stop. During 8 hours of game driving today barely a few minutes went past when a different mammal didn't stroll or a different bird didn't fly in to view. It seems the wildlife here is abundant and after a couple of enjoyable hours of driving around viewing elephants, water buffalo, impala and more birds than I could count, in the distance, our eagle eyed guide spotted lions. We drove closer to find a pride of not 5 or 6 or 10 or 11, but 17 lions! All hiding from the sun in the shade, each taking it in turns to stare in our direction so we could catch a good photo.

Later that day in an early evening game drive the birds were putting on a good show. Batleur Eagle, Fire Crowned Bishop, White Fronted Bee Eater, Woolly Necked Stalk, African Hawk Eagle to name a few. As the night drew in all eyes were keen to spot some nocturnal animals. A civet, several Hyenas all came our way. And then finally, towards the end of our drive all of a sudden from the thick green bush emerged a Leopard. Walking with a confident swagger that sets the cats apart from everything else we saw the Leopard strolled across the track giving us just enough of a glimpse to snap a picture and appreciate its beauty. It was now time for us to return to our tents and reminisce around the campfire to the distant sound of hippos and lions.

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