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The Lions

The boat safari was exhilarating but tiring and as I was sat in the front seat with the driver who was explaining to me about this vast game reserve, I was trying my best to stop my head from bobbing up and down from sleepiness and the sun, which was beating down on my head. The driver started pointing wildly to something and he was really excited. What’s the matter with him I thought? Then I saw it, a beautiful large cat sleeping under an African tree looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world, a Lion. Closer we went in the jeep and when we got to near he opened his eyes and then promptly dismissed us and went back to sleep. He has nothing to fear, he is the king of the park. There were more Lions hiding in the bush and I couldn’t believe how not bothered they were by humans, though I was informed by the driver that they have eaten well over the last day or so and now they rest, but if they were hungry we would be in trouble. What a great day!

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Zanzibar & Selous (2013)

Africa, Tanzania | 14 days
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Zanzibar beach hotel
Real off the beaten track adventures in Tanzania including superb game viewing and Zanzibar relaxation.

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