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Ice, Fire and Northern Lights in Iceland

Our two Northern Lights tours are now returned from Iceland where both groups experienced some superb auroral displays. After a couple of days enjoying Reykjavik, Iceland’s small and cosy capital, the groups travelled to the Lake Myvatn in the North of the country which provided dark skies by night and stunning landscape during the days when the group were able to enjoy a range a activities from energetic cross country skiing, skiidoing or volcano hikes to relaxing in the 'Nature Baths' - a huge pool fed by volcanically heated water.

A particular favourite was the super jeeps tours in which, 4x4s with big tyres took us out across the ice fields to the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River which flows over a number of waterfalls including Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe made still more spectacular by the surrounding ice and snow.  

Icelandic weather is notoriously changeable but the North East of the country is generally clearer as it lies in the lee of the mountainous interior and what cloud we experienced was usually blown away by the prevailing south westerly winds. Between the two groups eight nights were spent on the frozen shores of Lake Myvatn and only on one night were we prevented from seeing the aurora. Each night gave us different levels of activity and a variety of auroral forms from classic slowly developing arcs, curtains and rays to highly dynamic and intense bursts filling the sky.

Dr John Mason gave a series of very informative talks explaining the science behind the northern lights, the active sun and the geology of Iceland. John's great ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms make understanding of the aurora accessible to those with no prior knowledge of astronomy and he always has something new to say to the more experiences sky watchers too. John’s running commentary and interpretation of the display also helped us all to gain the most from the experience.   

Northern Lights holidays
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Icelandic Northern Lights

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 Northern Lights over Lake Myvatn by E Swift - Iceland
Experience the Northern Lights from the a land of ice and fire.

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