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Hustle, bustle and tranquillity - Morocco offers a bit of everything

I've always relished being part of a crowd, which proved to be a handy trait in the thriving markets of Marrakech. In the midst of all the action - where traditional snake charmers stand side-by-side with people selling leather purses and other authentic wares - it really is a case of blink and you will miss something. While the sight of locals and tourists bartering over a terracotta vase may be a bit of a cliche, there is something unbelievably exciting about being part of the Moroccan capital's racing heartbeat.

Although dodging wayward carts and wisened old ladies selling magical potions is my idea of good fun, it may not appeal to everyone. It is a good job that this north African country has a totally different side to it then.

One thing that any hardened hiker must experience in their lifetime is a trek through the Atlas Mountains. This really does sort the wheat from the chaff, as the terrain differs greatly depending on the route you take. I would like to say I have conquered the 4,167 metre-tall Toubkal, which is northern Africa's highest peak, but unfortunately my head was not made for such heights and my body was certainly not designed for such exertion. Those who take their climbing more seriously may reap the rewards of scaling the landmark and catching a glimpse of the Sahara Desert and even the Atlantic Ocean from the top.

Despite missing out on what I'm told are stunning views from the summit, experiencing the Berber villages - which is on a less strenuous route through the range - was equally as enthralling for me. Morocco is a country of fascinating contrasts and a 15-day trekking trip offered by the Adventure Company for just £589 really is amazing value in my opinion.

Regardless of whether you throw yourself into the middle of the bustling capital city, or opt to scour some of the more remote areas, glorious weather and friendly locals are guaranteed for all visitors to this intriguing cultural hotspot.



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Cultural & Walking & Trekking
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4. Demanding
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Peaks of the Atlas

Africa, Morocco | 15 days
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Atlas village - Morocco
A challenging hike into the rugged Atlas Mountains including a summit of Mount Toubkal.

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