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Free day at Dead Sea Spa Hotel

We woke up early and rushed to the hotel breakfast because we (well, the kids) all wanted to go on the water slide. So after breakfast Adam, Alex and myself all went down to the Aqua Fun centre and went down the massive slide. We figured out that the best way to go down was on your stomach or on your back with your arms crossed like an egyptian mummy! Before lunch I must have gone down the slide about sixty times! After lunch all the kids went down to the Dead Sea, and hastily retreated back again because we all had a lot of bites and cuts and the salt in the Dead Sea was making them sting. However the second time it was better and we all went in. It was the weirdest feeling not being able to swim but floating . Whenever I tried to let the water go over my shoulders I was fored horizonatal : into the floating position. After this is started raining (for the first time on our holiday) The rain was heavy and hadnt stopped after an hour so we retreated to our room to play cards. It rained for most of the day, creating mini rivers down the walkways! When it eventually stopped raining we rushed to the pools but found we were only allowed in the lane one because the others were dirty (from things that had been swept in from the rain and wind) That evening the other families got packed and ready to fly home the next morning. We said goodbye to them that night at the hotel because we were staying an extra day.

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3. Moderate
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Pyramids & Petra - Family Holiday

Egypt, Jordan, Middle East | 12 days
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Families only
The Monastery - Jordan on our family holiday
A journey across Egypt and Jordan – home to the wonders of many ancient civilizations.

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