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First time India

Well not long back from my first trip with the Adventure Company and to be honest cant wait untill i go again. Myself and my partner decided to go on the Himalayan Foothills trip in India and to say it was the best trip of my life is a under statement. The guide we had (Audhesh) was a charming, knowledgable, good natured man if ever i had met one. He knew his stuff inside out and added the icing on the cake for a great trip. The trip itself was fantastic even though there were some long travelling days, to look out of the window and see something strange and wonderful will forever be in my memory. The trip was very well planned from seeing the cultural sights of India, understanding the history and the nature that inhabits the country all in two weeks i have to a give the Adventure Company 10 out of 10. The group as well was fantastic a proper mix of people who gelled well and sadly we had to all go our seperate ways at the end. I cant wait untill the next one.

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2. Gentle
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Himalayan Foothills

Asia, India | 14 days
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Aarti ceremony - India
Journey from the plains to the hills on this amazing Himalayan holiday.

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