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Exploring the rich history of Egypt was a dream come true

Ever since I was at primary school, the thought of walking around the Egyptian pyramids was an extremely exciting one. At the age of nine, history lessons - alongside British Bulldogs and football stickers - were one of the few highlights of the week, especially when the subject being studied was Ancient Egypt.

I remember having to create a pyramid and a tomb from nothing more than papier mache, pipe cleaners and some felt-tip pens. Despite my artistic skills being pushed beyond their limits, it was during these classes that my interest in the north African country grew and I was determined to explore the rich culture of the place once I was old enough.

Naturally, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo was a great starting point, as this is where King Tutankhamen's gold mask is showcased. I can confirm that it is a lot more impressive to look at than my unsophisticated attempt to recreate the Giza in 1993. It is rare to find the most intriguing part of a city on the outskirts, but this is surely the case in Cairo. A number of landmarks worldwide are declared "unmissable" by many commentators and they sometimes come as a huge disappointment.

This is certainly not the case with the pyramids. The atmosphere around the famous buildings is hard to explain, as you can almost feel the sense of history and importance in the air as you make your way around the sandy structures. It is also unwise to come this far and not experience a trip down, in my opinion, the most famous river in the world - the Nile. Taking in the sights of this fascinating country from the comfort of a boat is a million miles from learning about the area from a tatty textbook in a rain-lashed classroom block in Staffordshire.

Of course, Egypt has become hugely popular due to its favourable climate and beautiful beaches that are prime locations for watersports. But for me, the main lure of the place is the thought of what has gone on across the land in the thousands of years before the likes of Sharm El Sheikh became all the rage. 

Egyptian Adventure