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Delta to Victoria Falls

I just want to let you know about the great trip we had on the Delta to Victoria Falls tour. 

Our trip started of well, with some beautiful rhino sighting in Khama Rhino Sanctuary. We came across a cow and her calf about ten minutes into our game drive, with numerous species of antelope, warthogs, giraffe and jackal. We ended off our first game drive with three more rhinos close to the pan. Sunset was spectacular and we appreciated the calmness while sitting around the campfire under beautiful African skies.

On our second day we started to make our way toward Maun to prepare for our excursion into the Okavango Delta. Spending two days camping wild on one of the islands within the delta allowed us to do some great walks in the mornings and afternoon. We had close – on foot – encounters with elephants, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala and many, many bird species. Our polers and local guides were great and entertained us with traditional song and dance until late in the evening. Once the merriment had died down, the only sounds to be heard were cry of jackals and the whoop of hyena. By the sounds if them, they were very close by.

After our delta excursion, we spent one more night in Maun in preparation for going through Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Driving towards Moremi, our day started well with an amazing leopard sighting just before Moremi South Gate. This beautiful creature was lying in the road, in the shade of a tree, and allowed us to watch it for close to half an hour until it eventually disappeared into the bush. What an amazing sighting, and this was even before we got into Moremi Game Reserve!!! 

We had a really great time camping wild in Botswana with excellent game viewing. We had two more leopard sightings, both females – one with cubs! Savuti campsite really tested my patients with bothersome honey badgers trying to raid our food store all night. Honey Badgers are well know for their ferocity, and judging by they way they ignored me when trying to chase them away, you can tell that the know it, and will chase you away if you push them to far. Luckily the food was stored away in strong metal boxes otherwise we may have spent the rest of the trip living off the land. 

Savuti is also well know for the number of bull elephants and we had the privilege of being visited by one of these giants while enjoying lunch in the campsite. While we were sitting enjoying a lunch of cold meats, salad a pickles he nonchalantly strolled up and starting feeding off the tree that we were using for shade. Clearly felt like some lunch time company, but I am sure that we were far more excited to share it with him, than he was with us! 

Mother Nature really spoiled us on this trip. As we moved further north towards to the Chobe River, we can across a lioness which was feeding on a Sable Antelope which she had recently killed. Like all predators, lions are opportunistic hunters, and even though she was on a kill, we watched her stalk an impala that was drinking at a near by waterhole. It would have been great if we had actually seen the stalk, chase and kill, but unfortunately for her, and fortunately for the impala, a herd of elephant arrived at the waterhole. They immediately spotted the lioness, and promptly chased her off. Large lion prides in the Savuti area have been know to kill adolescent elephants, so clearly this breeding herd, was not going to take any chances with their young. 

After a truly amazing wildlife extravagance in the National Parks of Botswana, it was time for to cross into Zambia and the adventure capital, Livingstone. Victoria Falls was in full flow, which is a spectacular sight. While some enjoyed some of the adrenaline packed activities, the group as a whole enjoyed and relaxed sunset cruise on the mighty Zambezi River, to round off an amazing journey. 

Everybody had a great time, with great animal sightings and great adventures.

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Delta to Victoria Falls

Africa, Botswana, South Africa | 17 days
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Mokoro safari - Botswana
A camping trip combining exciting wildlife encounters with a journey through amazingly varied parts of Southern Africa.

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