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Equador and Galapagos islands

Equador and Galapagos islands trip:
I had never thought about travelling to the Galapagos before, I didn’t even know that much about it however last year when my sister dropped out of a trip booked for her and my brother to go to the Galapagos; I just couldn’t turn down the chance to travel.

kezameran's blog

South East Africa Explorer

After following the Trade Route through Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique we arrived in Tofo – a vibey coastal town with white beaches, warm waters, a small local market and, above all, ocean safari’s – the opportunity to go snorkelling with whale sharks!

We headed out to sea in search of one of these beautiful giants of the ocean. We were soon in luck and the captain gives his call for us to put on our snorkels and fins and dive overboard…


Today we had a fun-packed day at Petra. We left the hotel at 9am and arrived at the entrance to Petra soon after. After a long wait for tickets we started the half hour walk down to the Treasury. Many of the children got a horse ride for about 1000m of it, which was nice. You cannot realise how beautiful the Petra is until you actually see it for yourself. The Treasury was carved into the rock by people so who lived in the city - it is enormous; so we were given some free time to look around. By this time it was probably around 10am. When we finished Petra it was about 4pm.

My last surprise

After a once in a life time experience, I came home to more good news, not only did I raise £1200 for charity in total, but I'm pregnant! So to all of you who would like to go but are a little scared, if a pregnant lady can climb Kilimanjaro - so can you!! Do something amazing!

The Hardest Day

The night is now freezing, about -5, but again the mountain delivers and as the sun sets Kibo turns a beautiful deep orange and takes all our breathe away (not that we had much left to take!)
I wake up with a layer of ice on top of my sleeping bag and all my water frozen, but excited and nervous I pack up, eat another apple, my only fuel for the next 5 hour climb. There can be no hanging around today, we must pass the breach before the sunlight hits it and it becomes a danger zone.

The time is moving fast now

Although we gain another 2000ft day 3 seems like a breeze in comparison to day 2. It sadly though as we loose our first climber, too sick to continue he is sent down the mountain, we all feel terrible for him, and scared it may happen to us, a little quieter than usual we all set off. We leave our surroundings of heather and enter the moorlands, where prehistoric looking plants rise up from the dust (which is now in every pore of my body!) we pass caves carpeted in grass and climb up through rocky breaches to reach our next camp.

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Adventure Nepal - October 2009!!

Nepal is very warm now, we were lucky we did not have rain whilst trekking so no need for water proof gear.A fabulous holiday the food on trek is 'interesting' advise to all going on a trek to Nepal if you like pancakes take a jiffy lemon - honestly you will thank me ! The staff on trek are brilliant they were very helpful, and very knowledgable. But you do need to ask them questions.

We can see the top! (a long way away!)

As promised, day 2 delivers. Its hard going, we leave the cool shade of the forest and walk for 8 hours in the direct sunlight, I foolishly miss a thin strip of exposed skin and burn so badly I blister, the route, especially after lunch is all uphill and constant, and the sun has drained my energy and every muscle in my body is screaming at me to get out the sun, but that’s not an option, there is no shade to be found as we are surrounded by nothing more than heather.