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Cuba libre!

People have been saying for years now that you have to go to Cuba before it changes and this is definitely true.  Its culture and political system are completely unique in the modern world.  It is starting to change slowly bringing more positive changes for the Cuban people but it is still in a world of its own.  I was constantly amazed by all the elegant classic cars on the roads and how they are still running after all of this time!

Music and dancing is a major part of Cuban life and wherever you go, you will be serenaded by first-rate musicians and perhaps get to try a bit of salsa dancing!  In Cuba, it is also important to sample the local delicacy – rum! You will no doubt find yourself relaxing with a mojito, pina colada or two.

I found learning more about the history of the revolution fascinating, especially seen as it is still ongoing.  Information came from the strangest sources as well, we found out that our coach driver had been in the rebel army and he had pictures of himself with Che and Fidel!  The most moving part of the trip for me was the guided tour of the Mancada barracks in Santiago de Cuba which provided an interesting insight into the history that unfolded there.  I also found Che Guevara’s life really intriguing and as such enjoyed visiting his mausoleum and museum at Santa Clara, I will definitely be reading the Motorcycle Diaries soon too.

There are several opportunities on this trip to delight in the beautiful Cuban landscapes and enjoy walking through them.  The walk I enjoyed the most was through the pretty countryside in Vinales.  On these walks, we passed through villages meeting locals as we went.  It felt like stepping back in time and seemed to me to be a wonderful place to live.  The walk in Toppes de Collantes was also fun, more taxing but we got to cool off in a waterfall pool half way through! The walk in the Sierra Maestra was the most interesting because as well as taking in the scenery, we got to visit Fidel’s hideout during the Revolution so a great way to mix nature, walking and history all in one day!

This trip includes a good mixture of cultural visits, nature and walking.  All of the main highlights of Cuba are covered in two weeks but this involves a lot of travelling! It is hard to single out a specific place as my favourite, I just really enjoyed the whole Cuban experience.  In particular, learning more about the history of the revolution, the beautiful scenery and the excellent musicians.

Classic car in Trinidad
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Salsa Cubana

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