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The time is moving fast now

Although we gain another 2000ft day 3 seems like a breeze in comparison to day 2. It sadly though as we loose our first climber, too sick to continue he is sent down the mountain, we all feel terrible for him, and scared it may happen to us, a little quieter than usual we all set off. We leave our surroundings of heather and enter the moorlands, where prehistoric looking plants rise up from the dust (which is now in every pore of my body!) we pass caves carpeted in grass and climb up through rocky breaches to reach our next camp. My appetite now vanished all I can stomach is fruit as our porters bring me an apple on a silver (well metal) platter for dinner. Even the smell of regular food makes my stomach turn…this is not a good sign.

Day 4 is short and sweet, we head up to 14,800 ft and Sheffield camp at the base of the lava tower, tomorrow is our rest day when we will climb to the top of the lava tower, to help us acclimatize and ensure we are well enough to make the summit.

Day 5 we climb the lava tower, after a short stroll to its base our guides says to me, ‘right we go up there’ I laugh ‘you’re kidding right that’s a rock face??!!!!’ He wasn’t.
A few choice words later and a deep breathe and up I go…and guess what…I made it (I was kinda shocked at that) after a 45 min climb we are staring down from the top…mission accomplished! However its not all good news, another climber is sent back as water had started to fill his lungs, again we are all reminded of how lucky we are to still be there.

Day 6 is our last easy day, a short walk up the Arrow glacier camp at 16,000 ft were we will be woken at 4am to start our danger journey through the Western Breach.

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Walking & Trekking
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5. Strenuous
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Kilimanjaro - Marangu Route

Africa, Tanzania | 10 days
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Summit morning - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Challenging climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the only hutted route.

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