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We can see the top! (a long way away!)

As promised, day 2 delivers. Its hard going, we leave the cool shade of the forest and walk for 8 hours in the direct sunlight, I foolishly miss a thin strip of exposed skin and burn so badly I blister, the route, especially after lunch is all uphill and constant, and the sun has drained my energy and every muscle in my body is screaming at me to get out the sun, but that’s not an option, there is no shade to be found as we are surrounded by nothing more than heather. However, as we near the end of today we get our reward – our first glimpse of Kibo, the summit of Kilimanjaro, tall and magnificent on the horizon. Despite climbing up Kilimanjaro for the last 2 days this the first time we have seen the top, as the obliging clouds clear away we can see the path that lies ahead for us, it seems so far away and yet so close at the same time. 
As night draws in the temperature starts to plummet, but as the mountain has a way of doing, it rewards every hard aspect with a reward, tonight’s reward is a beautiful starry sky with the milky way directly over head…at 11,500 feet you somehow feel closer to them.

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Walking & Trekking
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5. Strenuous
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Kilimanjaro - Marangu Route

Africa, Tanzania | 10 days
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Summit morning - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Challenging climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the only hutted route.

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