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Camel ride and snorkelling

Today we had a cmael ride and snorkelled in The Blue Hole. The day started by changing from our minibus into two jeeps - ours did not have a door at the back so we could see out. We stopped at a professional snorkelling/divers loan shop and tried and got all of our equipment (included in the cost). We then drove some more and arrived at a restaurant where we ate our breakfast. After we had all finished we got our cmaels. Mine was really big and kind looking. We had to lead them down this hill and then get on them (a very odd feeling!) My camel was really sweet and well behaved. I name him Frederick (Fred for short!) After an hour and a half camel ride we arrived at the Blue Hole. We got changed into our gear and snorkelled off the beach. It was incredible. The water was a lovely temperature and there were a variety of fish, big and small. In some parts it was deep but you could see to the bottom. We had to be careful not to touch the coral because it is poisonaus! Despite not being able to touch it we could look at it, it looked so soft, like velvet curtains! My mum had not snorkelled and whilst we were snorkelling these two bedouin girls (they must of only been about 4 years old) had come and tried to sell her stuff. They were only little and kept pointing to to my hairband on my mums wrist. They wanted to exchange something for it but my mum gave it to them and found another one so they could have one each. They went off really happy wearing them on their wrist and arms! At the end of the snorkelling we changed clothes and it was another 1 hour and a half camel ride back on Fred. I trotted a bit on Fred aswell, which felt quite uncomfy for me so I can imagine what it must feel like for Fred. When we reached the restaurant again we were glad to have our lunch (I think the camels were glad to have a rest aswell!). We then got jeeps back to the resort and had free time for the rest of the day.

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3. Moderate
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Pyramids & Petra - Family Holiday

Egypt, Jordan, Middle East | 12 days
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Families only
The Monastery - Jordan on our family holiday
A journey across Egypt and Jordan – home to the wonders of many ancient civilizations.

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