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Botswana: The best safari experience in Africa

There are quite a number of places in Africa that offer amazing safari trips by all accounts. I found it a real head scratcher having to deliberate over which country would best suit the needs of my family and I. While Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya were all perfectly viable options, I had heard that in order to experience the very rarest breeds of animal and bird, you had to go to Botswana.

Other than watching the Top Gear Africa Special, in which the hapless Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempted to drive across the Kalahari Desert and Makgadikgadi Pans in three rundown cars, I had no real experience of Botswana. However, I can now confirm it is every bit as good as people had told me.

This really was the ultimate safari tour. The Okavango Delta, in my opinion, is the most enchanting and extraordinary place in the world. It covers a gigantic region and is a huge source of fresh water, which makes it a magnet for some of the most exotic animals on the continent. The few days I spent staying in a tented camp alongside my loved ones in the Delta are among the best I have ever experienced. As well as being awe-struck by the array of wildlife passing before my eyes, I also found the landscape completely mesmerising.

Everywhere you look there is stunning scenery and it is so far removed from what I am used to in the UK. The sheer simplicity of the place added to the appeal of the country. There are no fast food chains or the same old retail outlets to divert your attention. Being in Botswana really does allow you to be at one with nature and I, for one, cannot wait to go again.

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Into the Okavango

Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe | 17 days
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African sunset - South Africa
A journey through amazingly varied parts of southern Africa with exciting wildlife encounters

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23 April 2012

I am used to spending my holidays in the UK, but I have been reading up online regarding various places and vacation spots, and I have to say that this is definitely a tempting place to go to for my next holiday.