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Peru - what a country

went on Classic peru trip 25th september it was amazing. The highlight of the trip for me was of course Macchu Picchu arriving at the sun gate and looking down at the sight below was truly one of the highlights of my life a dream fulfilled. But there was so much more to the trip the Nazca lines the Balleastas Islands (forgive spelling !) Watching the sun go down over the desert and on Lake Titicaca the condors etc etc etc. Our tour guide Max was a legend full of interesting information and fiercely proud of his country. When we had a couple of problems these were swiftly resolved.

Up in the Clouds

It was finally here, we were packing our 7kg duffle bags, ready to take on the challenge of the Inca Trail.  There was apprehension and anxiety within the group, all of us doing this challenge for different reasons!  Even though we all had gone through the trip notes with a fine tooth comb no one really knew what to expect or what to pack!

Inca trail 2010

This was my second trip with the Adventure Company and i decided to go further affield and visit a place i had only dreamed of seeing." Machu Picchu".

Cusco was a bustling place and a hive of activity. I recommend a trip to the local market to buy hats and gifts, and paddys bar is good for a few beers!Our guide was very friendly and helpful, and had a very good knowledge of her country.

Adventure in Nepal

1 Day to go!

we are all so excited about our holiday in Jordan and Egypt. Just one day to go. We have got to get up very early tomorrow to drive to Heathrow. I am really excited about meeting all the other people on the trip! (Only my dad replied to the forum!) I will not be able to tell you all about the trip until I get back. The bits I am most looking forward to are climbing Mount Sinai and riding the camels and going in the pyramids. We are also going to sleep in a bedouin tent/ under the stars which I am really excited about!!! Got to go and finish packing now! Bye!

Leopard sighting

I have just finished the South East Africa Explorer trip. The tour was very fantastic. We had wonderful passengers of which 2 of them were visiting Africa for the first time. South Luangwa as usual was like paradise, we saw a leopard on the night game drive there. The local game ranger told us that he has not seen leopard during the day recently. 

Petra and Wadi Rum

Flight to Jordan
After a late afternoon flight with Royal Jordanian from London we arrived in Amman just after midnight for our first night in Jordan.

My Experience of a Cuba Holiday

Ever wondered what a Cuba Holiday would be like? Read this blog from one of our travellers to see their curiosity and what they found exploring Cuba.

"I’d heard so much about this Caribbean Island and was intrigued to find out about the post-revolutionary social structure and couldn’t wait to see the architectural wonders of the pre-revolutionary period. I'd also heard great things about the walking, the waterfalls and the beaches.

Notes from my solo Turkey holiday

Your first solo holiday can be a little daunting. Traveling to a new country, without your family and friends is always an interesting experience. Solo holidays with The Adventure Company ensure you get the benefits of solo travel with the enjoyment of being part of a wider group.

This blog entry is from one of our solo travelers who took a holiday in Turkey. Read what she has to say about the group and the sights she saw.

Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

In 2009 I met a man who had just come back from trekking up Kilimanjaro. Whilst I was speaking to him I couldn't help notice that he was floating just off the ground. He was still high from his trip!.The more we spoke the more I thought, that sounds fantastic, and a seed was born.I then thought, what a fantastic thing to do with my son Nick and daughter Mandie, I asked them and they said yes. Then someone else I know said they would like to join. My daughter lives in Holland and a colleague said he would like to come, then another, then another.