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Peru is already a huge draw for travellers - and it's likely to get bigger

Peru's popularity will only grow as the country continues to invest in key tourism sites like Lake Titicaca.

Peru is a hugely popular tourist destination - and one of the finest places to visit in South America. Whether you're after a little hustle and bustle in the country's capital Lima or a trekking expedition in the mountains - Peru has it all.

Then there's the culture, history and beauty - which adventure holidays travellers are constantly reminded of.


Morocco is one of my favourite countries. It's North African culture is as rich as its geography. I first visited when I ran the 180 mile Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert in the south of the country near Ouazouate, dry and clear, it's a perfect place to enjoy the Sahara which is also why it's become a popular film location. I also love the old medieval port of Essaouira  where you can eat fresh fish next to the fishing boats and walk passed wrecked ships on the windy beaches.


Jordan is rich in history and culture and is the perfect place to get a feel for the Middle East. I shall never forget visiting the magnificent stone carved temples and monuments of Petra which have made it UNESCO world heritage site. Perhaps my most memorable experience was a night in the desert. We trekked on with camels and slept under the stars, overnighting in the desert is a must here if only for the night sky. Trekking through the Wadi Dana Valley is one of my walking highlights and was where my passion for deserts was born.

Camels on the ceiling

Although we arrived at our hotel in Bahariya Oasis in the dark we could tell it was a special place. One of our group immediately christened it the Indiana Jones Hotel. We were greeted with glasses of orange squash then shown to our rooms – with domed ceilings painted with camels, 3 thicknesses of shutters – presumably intended to defeat all but the most persistent of mosquitoes and en-suite bathroom complete with seriously powerful bottom washing hose!! And apparently one of the rooms even has a hatch above the bed that you can open to see the stars while lying in bed.

Teenage family trip to Cappadocia

When I was asked to join a teenage family trip to Cappadocia I was a little nervous, not having a family, teenage or otherwise. I left the wettest British August in history behind, and arrived in sunny Kayseri with some trepidation. We were staying the first few nights in Goreme, which is basically fairyland, with its weird rock formations and cave dwellings. The first night I sat at the teenage end of the table with the tour leader Turan, and by the end of the evening the teens had pretty much bonded over pottery kebabs.

Sri Lankan Discovery

We travelled on the Sri Lanka trip during the summer holidays - this trip is an ideal introduction to Asia and the people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The country is increasingly popular since the end of the civil war and there is a big focus on tourism growth. This trip offered an immense variety and a good mix of activity and cultural interest without being too exhausting in terms of travelling distances.

Active in the Pyrenees

For me this was a completely new experience. I’ve in the past always gone on one week beach holidays or weekend city breaks with friends but this time needed something different – something active. And it was different and it was active.
This time I went alone, made new friends, got lots of exercise and loved it. Andorra really is a beautiful place and for an active adventure holiday, it’s perfect. The scenery was beautiful, the mountain biking exhilarating and the white water rafting (well can I do that again NOW)

Finland 2008

Finland blog
I went to Finland last February with my boyfriend. Our flights to Finland were a bit chaotic but we made it in the end. We arrived at night so we couldn’t really see anything when we arrived but our guides met us at the airport and took us to the hotel, they were very friendly. Hotel Inarin Kultahovi is situated on the edge of a river which at this time of year is frozen over and is a very warm and welcoming place to stay. Apparently at this time the lake could hold the weight of a car but i wont be testing that theory!

Delta to Victoria Falls

I just want to let you know about the great trip we had on the Delta to Victoria Falls tour. 

Our trip started of well, with some beautiful rhino sighting in Khama Rhino Sanctuary. We came across a cow and her calf about ten minutes into our game drive, with numerous species of antelope, warthogs, giraffe and jackal. We ended off our first game drive with three more rhinos close to the pan. Sunset was spectacular and we appreciated the calmness while sitting around the campfire under beautiful African skies.

What is adventure travel?

Adventure has many faces. It doesn’t have to be adrenaline pumping action. Adventure is all about experiencing things differently. It is a unique, exciting, interactive way of enjoying a country. Adventure combines cultural interactivity and a historical immersion to create a unique experience totally different from the normal. It is a break from a break. A gentle trek across the foothills of the Andes can be just as exciting as a gruelling hike to Everest base camp in the Himalaya’s. It all depends on who you are, and how you approach it.