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Fab Botswana!

I've just returned from the South Africa, Botswana, Zambia trip and would not have missed it for the world.

You get the opportunity to see the most amazing animals, landscapes and certainly the most stunning sunsets.

The guides from Sunway Safaris were knowledgeable and hilarious company.

If you are going in July, Aug Sept, then be prepared for really cold mornings and nights. Take warm clothing for the evenings and maorning game drives and you must have a season 3/4 sleepingbag.

Why going solo can make for the best adventure holidays

If anyone else is like me, they will know at least one couple that spends endless amounts of time uploading reams and reams of their holiday snaps on to Facebook.While some may find it nice to see said duo lovingly share a cocktail on the beach or riding a tandem bicycle through the mountains, for those who have not met their perfect match yet - or worse still, have recently broken up with their partner - such photos are probably the last thing you want to see.

The Adventure Company team gets hands on!

Over summer, teams of volunteers from The Adventure Company have been leaving the office to support Runway's End, a children’s and young people’s activity centre that is due to open in Hampshire.

Family adventure to Prague

Our trip started in Prague with an overnight stay before taking the overnight sleeper train to Slovakia. We were pleasantly surprised by Prague- its very compact and easy to get around by tram or metro- walking tours of the city are also very popular. It was ideal for family sightseeing- clean, feels relatively safe (though pick- pocketing in built up areas is always a risk) and the people are very friendly. We also had the benefit of staying in a pretty centrally located hotel, within a short tram ride of the old town quarter.

Inca trail

hi- just wondered if anyone is due to go in October 2013, or has been on the Inca Trail or other holiday in Peru?
With thanks Angela

Why the Serengeti must be preserved

Lions, cheetahs and wildebeest. These are just three of the reasons that the Serengeti should be protected at all costs.
If, like me, you have a huge fondness for seeing such majestic creatures in their natural habitat, you will probably be concerned about the lack of clarity over a new road that could be built right through the middle of the national park. I was relieved when the Tanzanian government recently scrapped plans to construct a tarmac monstrosity across this beautiful area, but it seems the proposals are not totally out of the window just yet.

Exploring the rich history of Egypt was a dream come true

Ever since I was at primary school, the thought of walking around the Egyptian pyramids was an extremely exciting one. At the age of nine, history lessons - alongside British Bulldogs and football stickers - were one of the few highlights of the week, especially when the subject being studied was Ancient Egypt.

Group Leader Rajesh Karki pays us a visit from Nepal

On Tuesday we were very privileged to welcome Rajesh Karki, one of our Nepalese Group Leaders to the office.
He has been visiting Britain and staying with some of our customers whose Everest Base Camp trek Rajesh led last year.

We had a chance to ask Rajesh some questions about Nepal and his job as a Group leader.

How long have you been working for the Adventure Company?

Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes Trek 27th Sept 2013

Hi everyone.  Booked into this trip and wondering if anyone else on it is around.  Thanks



Kilimanjaro makes you feel on top of the world

Having scaled the likes of Ben Nevis and Snowdon, budding mountaineers from the UK are left with little else to achieve within the shores of Great Britain. I think that once these have been mastered, any serious climber worth his or her salt must seriously consider the next natural step to satisfy their need for a challenge.