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Luangwa National Park

It was like a day at Wimbledon constantly looking from one side to the other. Only I wasn't sat at Centre court, my view was far more spectacular. I was in the back of a Landrover under the African sun as we drove through Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The wildlife here just doesn't stop. During 8 hours of game driving today barely a few minutes went past when a different mammal didn't stroll or a different bird didn't fly in to view.

We made it!

Altitude is an intriguing leveller: it’s better to be more Chris Moyles than Olympic machine. So I’d imagined that I’d be fine. Yet, the next morning, minutes after leaving the lodge my head felt like it was in a vice, my legs had turned to lead and my stomach was doing flip flops. As the team looked back in mild sympathy, Doctor Deaglan trotted up alongside me with unfair ease, sparked up a Malboro Light and murmured in my ear: “Aspirin, anti-emetic, Diamox?” Near the top of the world, things clearly get back to front: not smoking bad, drugs good. 

En route

There’s one main way up to the Nepalese side of Everest, and this is it – and out here you can forget about roads, cable cars or trains. Every single item in the Khumbu – from the cornerstones of Western trekking (bottled water, Coke, Snickers, Pringles and toilet paper) to the bed you sleep on and the toilet you, er, go to – has to come up this two-metre wide dirt track, on the back of man or beast. 

Desert Adventure

This was my first trip with the Adventure company and i loved every moment of the trip.

Our guide,cook,camel drivers were all fantastic and nothing was to much trouble. Tea on top of a sand dune to watch the sun go down in the Sahara . The sound of camels milling around the tent in the early morning and traditional song and dance in the desert night are all things i will remember.

Being able to walk or ride was nice but be warned if you walk a sand dune section as its hard going!!

Ait Benhaddau was a great place to visit and what a view from the top!

Family fun in Croatia

It was here at last It had seemed such a long way off when I booked it the previous November. It was our first holiday just the 3 of us, I was both nervous and excited. My 2 girls aged then 8 and 9 couldn’t wait to set off.

Anne's blog

Antarctica - The Circle Quest

Lands of the Mekong

This trip is a great introduction to S.E. Asia, and was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and New Year! It starts and finishes in Thailand, and takes in seldom-visited Laos and Cambodia, a country that dominated the news bulletins in my youth. It was fascinating to sail down the Mekong, which is totally devoid of wildlife, and to see day to day life on its banks. Luang Prabang is delightful, with lots to see and do, and the trek and homestay we did over Christmas, introducing the Lao to the delights of Christmas Cake!

Everest Base Camp

It sounded straightforward. Put one foot in front of another, repeat for six hours. Replenish with copious amounts of black tea and restless sleep, repeat for eight days. Get to Everest, take photo, turn around and scoot back down, making up for every beer that you denied yourself on the way up. Easy.

Used The Adventure Company twice....so far!

We've used The Aventure Company twice so far. South Africa 2007 and Namibia 2008.
The guides in South Africa were great. Ruben with his knowledge of snakes and Hendrick with his knowledge of birds made the travelling interesting. In Namibia Raymond and Joe were likewise knowledgeable and very interesting to talk to.
South Africa.

capabilitygold's blog

I want to take my daughter, who will be 10 by then, to Egypt in April 2011. It will just be the two of us travelling. Has anyone else taken kids of that age on the felucca/valley of the kings trip who could advise me on this holiday? Are the two parent families on the trip friendly to single parents???! It is a big investment for me and I want to be sure it is a good one!

Thank you Emma