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Everest Base Camp Trek - March 2010

Nothing worthwhile doing in life is ever easy.....and the Everest Base Camp trek is not for the faint-hearted.

Be prepared to walk for approx 6 hours everyday (and 9 hours on Base Camp day) on steep terrain even when you don't want to Jam Jam anymore and you turn the next corner and say to yourself 'You've got to be kidding me?!'

That being said.....the sense of personal achievement at the end of everyday and the breathtaking scenery along the way makes it an unforgettable experience.

Family Summer Holidays in Andorra

I was under the impression that Andorra - that tiny principality between France and Spain - was great for skiing, but not much else. How wrong I was. Like me, many people hold the false belief that everything in this beautiful part of Europe closes down as soon as the snow melts, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Andorra has plenty to offer people who are looking for the ultimate summer activity holiday, much to my delight.

Travelling in Egypt - Spring 2011

Last week (2 April 2011) I returned from my third trip to Egypt’s Valley in which I visited Luxor, Aswan and a number of temples in between. In many people’s minds Egypt is synonymous with history and the ancient Egyptians but cruising down the Nile made me realise that Egypt is a stunningly beautiful land too with the verdant green banks, pulsing with village life, palm trees and crop cultivation set against the yellow of the ever present hills and desert beyond.   

Ice, Fire and Northern Lights in Iceland

Our two Northern Lights tours are now returned from Iceland where both groups experienced some superb auroral displays. After a couple of days enjoying Reykjavik, Iceland’s small and cosy capital, the groups travelled to the Lake Myvatn in the North of the country which provided dark skies by night and stunning landscape during the days when the group were able to enjoy a range a activities from energetic cross country skiing, skiidoing or volcano hikes to relaxing in the 'Nature Baths' - a huge pool fed by volcanically heated water.


I haven’t been to Africa before so wasn’t sure what to expect, we were camping so I was quite worried about that aspect as well. I needn’t have bothered as the accommodation was wonderful and much better than expected all very clean and comfortable. The locals were very friendly and all wanted to chat to you and find out where you were from. We stayed in 3 different places and the diversity of each was like having 3 different holidays.  Firstly by the lake at Naivasha with Hippos keeping you awake in the night.  We saw such a variety of birds.

My family trip to North India

Our trip to India really started for me and for my daughter on the afternoon of the first day when we boarded bicycle rickshaws from outside the Friday Mosque to tour around Old Delhi.

Cardiff Air Cadets on Atlas Mountains Expedition

14 staff and 20 cadets from 1344 Cardiff Squadron, Air Training Corps, have just returned from their first overseas adventurous training expedition in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa extending about 2,400 km (1,500 miles) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.  The expedition lasted a week and included a day in Marakkech before being transported to Oukaimeden at 8,600 feet in the Atlas Mountains to begin trekking.

Tanzania had me feeling like a child in a sweet shop

Although I had been on an African safari holiday before, the feeling of excitement and anticipation ahead of my trip to Tanzania was almost too much to bear. I knew that this would be the best wildlife viewing tour of my life and I could hardly contain myself. Goodness knows how the kids must have felt.

Awe inspiring trip to Iceland

We are still spellbound by this country. Despite erratic weather, the trip was amazing, awe-inspiring and deeply soul-cleansing. Adventurous but well paced with plenty of time to do your own thing. On a practical note, good outerwear (skiing kit) is a must, as are decent walking shoes. Thoroughly recommended, so much so that we plan to go back for more.

Phoebe (aged 14) blog on Around the Bay Of Naples

We stayed in three places on this trip, but in Italy, every place is so different. First we went to Naples, which was very busy and seemed quite scary at times but it was exciting. Our guide Davide paid a lot of attention to us. He was more than a guide really. He came with us to every meal and played football with us and never seemed to get annoyed, even when we teased him!