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My trip to Iceland

I've just got back from an exciting trip to Iceland where I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Seeing this magnificent natural wonder come to life before your eyes was amazing, I can't recommend it enough.

Good Morning Vietnam - 8th August 2014

Ian, Sue and Stan are looking forward to their family adventure holiday on 8th August later this year. We would love to hear from anyone else who is on our trip!

Moroccan Experience

I found this trip to be a great overview of Southern Morocco. Marrakech was everything I expected it to be, a wonderfully vibrant city with labyrinthine streets full of colour and excitement. Once out of Marrakech and into the villages of the Atlas Mountains it was clear that we had given the tourists the slip and ventured off the beaten track. The village stay felt like a stepping back to a simpler time, a world away from the 21st Centaury. 

First time India

Well not long back from my first trip with the Adventure Company and to be honest cant wait untill i go again. Myself and my partner decided to go on the Himalayan Foothills trip in India and to say it was the best trip of my life is a under statement. The guide we had (Audhesh) was a charming, knowledgable, good natured man if ever i had met one. He knew his stuff inside out and added the icing on the cake for a great trip.

Moroccan Experience

The  Moroccan Experience was my first introduction to Morocco, we had a guided tour around the souks the sounds and were amazing. Going to the Djemaa el-Fna was awesome as I had only ever seen it on TV, at night it really comes alive with snake charmers and lots of places to eat. We left Marrakech and headed for Ait Benhaddou which is probably the most exotic and best preserved Moroccan casbah, many films have been shot here ranging from Jesus of Nazareth to Lawrence of Arabia, including for some scenes in one of my favorites, Gladiator. 

New Trekker!

Adventure Nepal or Himalayan Explorer? Hi, just joined and would love to chat with anyone who has been to Nepal. Have never trekked before and the trip that appeals is Adventure Nepal in Autumn, just not sure whether I am chosing a trek that may be too demanding for a first timer! Am happy to train, but not a fan of the gym! The Himalayan Explorer would be my second choice, but feel I should chose a challenge to work towards over the next 5mths. Any experiences would be appreciated, thanks

Adventures in Egypt

It all started with a 'mum, can we go to Ancient Egypt?' My youngest had just started learning about the pharaohs at school and was absolutely enchanted with all the gory details, from pulling the brains out of mummies' noses to sacrificing cats. I had always wanted to see the pyramids myself, so when the chance came up to go on our Feluccas and Pharaohs trip, I knew what we would be doing in the October half term!

Snowshoeing in the mountains

To be honest Bulgaria is a place which didn’t conjure up the most exciting expectations. I can not get away from its communist Eastern European block image, but I joined the trip thinking I knew nothing of the country or the region and was interested to get a truer perspective of what it’s like.

The flight is just over 2 hours from the UK and after another hour and a half transfer we arrived in our hotel for the night. As we arrived early evening we were surrounded by darkness so, so far I had seen nothing of the country apart from a shiny new airport.

Seeing the Northern Lights

On the evening of 28th February our first Icelandic northern lights tour was treated to a superb display of the aurora borealis. Shortly after dinner Dr John Mason, our astronomy expert reported the arc of the lights in the north and the group put on their warm cloths and filed outside to the viewing area. As the evening continued the auroral activity increased and waves, rays and curtains of green and red light mesmerised us all. Under the crystal clear skies many stood watching until well after midnight. The sight of this truly wonderful spectacle was unforgettable.

Climate Week, 21-27 March 2011

Climate week is the largest environmental event of the year in the UK pulling together thousands of individuals and organisations across the country to run events and commit to actions which make us think about changing our daily behaviour to become more sustainable.

Essentially it’s collective small actions which become the catalyst for big changes.

At The Adventure Company we have a list of pledges which we are committing to. Please join us and make a pledge - and don't forget to tell your friends.