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Trains, plains and game drives

My first trip to Africa: I really wanted to avoid the crowds and see some real life before chilling out and doing nothing for a few days.

Jordan's huge range of tourist attractions didn't disappoint

For such a relatively small country, Jordan sure does have more than its fair share of amazing world famous landmarks. For people who are enthusiastic about both natural and man-made history, this Middle Eastern country is surely a must-see destination. When I travelled to Jordan, I couldn't make up my mind as to which places I wanted to see the most.

Out of Africa - Part Three

The lack of shut eye over the last 3 weeks finally caught up with me and I slept in this morning. I was up at 6.00 instead of my usual 5.00!

Out of Africa - Part Two

As he stalked Zebra and Eland – utilising the same techniques employed by generations of more experienced trappers - Colin spied a long legged grey haired specimen of mature years running along the dirt track towards him. Initially surprised at the speed, agility and athleticism he wondered in awe if there was a chase going on. Looking at the characteristics it was difficult to determine the exact classification and it was only when this strange species approached without fear or trepidation that he determined that it was in fact a very fit old man.

Out of Africa - Part one

Either through meticulous planning or sheer luck we have managed to get two full days in South Africa on the day of arrival and departure. Our flight is at 10.40 from the relatively quiet Cape Town Airport which will give us time to explore the Pringle Bay area.

Mature trekkers can do Toubkal in the winter

At age 57 I was unsure of my ability to reach the summit of Toubkal in winter (February). I did Kilimanjaro 4 years ago (Marangu route), but expected Winter Toubkal to be much tougher. In preparation I undertook general fitness training (running, cycling and walking), and consider myself to be reasonably fit.

SOS Children's villages escape to Pilanesberg NP on the 13-15 of January 2012

By donating 5$ on each booking for all our South African trips, towards SOS Children's villages, we allow local disadvantaged children to get to see the wildlife on their doorstep at Pilanesberg National Park.

This is a great opportunity to educate them about conservation issues and threat, while ensuring they have a great and inspiring escape from their every day life.

Week-end of 13-15th January safari experience in Pilanesberg NP

Feedback Sahara Sands


We've just returned from a family holiday to Morocco - Mohamid and Sulimaine we fab hosts and sensitive to our family's needs.  Suiimaine ensured the family were aware of the days adventures/ itinerary - plenty to occupy both adults and children.  During the longer days travelling the children were occupied on the coach and stops were appropriate to our needs coffee and toilets -v- photo opportunities in the snow!  His knowledge and enthusiasm for his country shone through!

Darn Camara

Hi Every body.

If there is any one who went on the Adventure nepal trip with us (Hana and Graham Warren, Honeymooners) in October 2010 could you please  help us. As you know our camara broke half way on the trip and were trying to track you all down (aha ha ha ha) to see if any one has any photos of us or particularly great scenic photo's that you may wish to share so we can finish up our Wedding/Honeymoon photo albums.

If any one could help we would really apprieciated. 

Love to you all and thanks again for the great memories.

Graham and Hana

Our Sri Lankan elephant safari was awe-inspiring

I had never really considered Sri Lanka as a safari holiday destination before, but I was reliably informed by a friend of mine that it is one of the best places in the world to see rare creatures in a paradise-like setting. First and foremost, the island is stunningly beautiful and the favourable climate is also a major attraction.