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Kilimanjaro 2012

Adventure number four with the Adventure Company was a climb up Kilimanjaro on the Rongai route.

After meeting up with some of my fellow climbers at Heathrow we all set off for Africa. We all got to see the mighty mountain from the plane as it rose above the clouds from the plane window and it looks very big when you know you will be attempting to climb it in the next few days! After a mini bus journey to Marangu and a meal we had our first breifing from our guide Samuel. After the breifing it all felt very real!!

Impressions of Burma

I’ve been back from Burma now for just over a month and still finding myself dreaming about the things that I learnt, the people that I met and the images that I saw!

It’s hard to pick out the highlights on this trip...

Nightfall at Shedagon Pagoda?  The temples of Bagan?  Boating on Inle Lake? The people of Burma?

Experience the Volcanoes of Costa Rica

The Arenak Volcano in Costa Rica is one of the country's 50 or more volcanoes. Over the past fifty years the Arenal volcano has been the most active of the country's six active volcanoes. An Adventure Companyholiday in Costa Rica can include time in the Arenal National Park, enjoying thermal springs and heated pools whilst viewing the Arenal volcano. A recent visitor to Costa Rica shared this blog post with us...

Tanzania offers an all-round holiday experience

When you embark on a safari holiday, you usually expect to spend most of your time patrolling vast swathes of land looking for some of the world's most exotic creatures.

However, this is not the case when you head to Tanzania. Of course, you can spend all of your time searching for the "big five" wild animals if you wish, but there are so many other fantastic things to see and do.

Why Zanzibar is the most romantic place on earth

Ellie Goldsmith and Ben Pinington recently got engaged on our Rift Valley Safari trip with Zanzibar extension. With love in the air we decied to find out more about their trip and the wonderful proposal. 

We wanted to know more from Ellie and Ben about their fabulous group holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar and  find out why they loved safari.

1. Why did you choose Tanzania and Zanzibar?

Q&A with a globe trotting teenage

Tom is perhaps one of the luckiest 13 year olds we know - he just got back from Costa Rica and he has travelled with his parents, Cathy and Mark, all over the world. We asked Tom to share his memories and thoughts on travelling with us.

1. What do you think of adventure holidays?

They are really fun! You get to eat great food, do great activities and explore amazing places.

2. You’ve been going away on exciting holidays since you were little, what do you like most about travelling?

Family Adventure Holiday Experiences from Cathy, Mark and Tom

The Kingsbury family, Cathy, Mark and Tom are one of our most prolifent family explorers. They have been all over the world and Tom took his first trip with us aged just 6. We decided to quiz them on their adventurous spirit.

Insider's view: An Indian Summer

My name is Sheikh Junaid and I lead some of The Adventure Company's India trips.

Rosie’s blog – Around the Bay of Naples

Let’s start with Naples itself. The third biggest city in Italy, Naples is a long way from the chocolate box that is Florence  - or the ‘living museum’ of Venice. Naples is chaotic, contemporary and lively. It takes you several moments before you remember that this was the original ‘New City’ (Neo polis) as christened by the Greeks. There is of course magnificent art and culture to be found in Naples. On one of our free mornings, I took a taxi (13 Euros)  to the spectacular Capodimonte museum, high above the city.

Honey, aged 9. Family sailing around The Bay of Naples

The things I liked about Italy were these.

Firstly, going up Vesuvius. This was quite scary because you felt like you could just topple off the edge (but nobody did). It was also quite cold, with lots of clouds around, so I would advise you to bring a jumper or fleece! Pompeii was another Awesome adventure. I never knew the Romans cooked fast food out on the streets in stone pots, for example. It was sad to see people who had died in the volcano, lying down looking just like us.