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Central America on a shoestring

Old running shoes are not ideal footwear for hiking an active volcano. I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I climbed Pacaya, one of three volcanoes surrounding the colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala. There was no mistaking the smell of burning rubber as the soles of my trainers melted almost clean away from the rest of my shoes, before I’d even reached one of the golden-orange rivers of lava.

India in a week

Day 1 Arrive Delhi

I arrive in Delhi to the shock that the airport, aside from some 70s-style carpets, is one of the nicest, most modern and cleanest I’ve seen in a long time. A cavernous arrival hall makes the place feel strangely empty and adds to the phased out feeling always brought on by an overnight flight.

The transfer guide is easy to find and I wait a few minutes before jumping in the car to the hotel. Not before hiking halfway across the airport and through the various car parks to where I’m parked.

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The Family Adventure Company is now active on social networks. If you’d like to be part of theconversation and share your adventures then please come and say hello.

You can follow our Twitter stream @FamAdvCo for updates, announcements and holiday related content we think you may like.

Vote for your Facebook Adventure Holiday Image of 2013

Over the last 12 months you've been uploading your best and favourite photos from your family adventure holidays and now it's time to choose a winner. On our Facebook page we have the shortlist for you to see.

Take a look at the shortlist selected by our Team and tell us who you think should win £250 off their next adventure holiday.

Under The Stars

From Russia with love

I think I already had a pre conceived idea of what Russia would be like, gloom, poverty and widespread political repression. However I was blown away by how different the reality really was.

Take a look at a Turkey Family Holiday

Take a look at Turkey for your next family holiday. Less than four hours flying from the UK brings you to the edge of Europe and Asia. Our Family holidays in Turkey are some of our most popular holidays and for good reason. Many of our travellers have blogged about their experiences on a Turkey Holiday so don't just take our word for it.

5 Family Holiday Destinations with a Difference

Schools Out! Now, how to entertain the family through the summer. At The Adventure Company we have a wide range of Family Holidays and Family Adventure Holidays to suit all ages of children and all sizes of family.

As the summer stretches ahead of us, we present 5 family holidays you may not have considered. All leaving soon, all available to book today. 

What to expect from a Kilimanjaro Trek

Ever wondered what it would be like to Trek Kilimanjaro, the world's highest mountain? Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro offers the traveller a unique experience and unforgettable memories.

What to expect from a Tanzania Safari

Tanzania contains one of the largest one of the largest, wildest animal populations on the planet. On Safari in Tanzania you can expect to see a vast range of wildlife from flamingo to wildebeest, they're all here.

The Great Serengeti National park is located in the middle of Tanzania and is host to one of the largest collections of wildlife. On our Rift Valley Safari you can expect to see lion, cheetah, leopard, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, gazelle and the odd dog.

Five unmissable sights on a Sri Lankan Holiday

Sri Lanka, situated off the Southern tip of India has been inhabited since 16,000 BC. Since then the Island has been host to Indian, Portuguese and Dutch visitors all leaving their own mark on this beautiful island.

Such a rich history has left many wonderful places to visit. We present to you 5 unmissable sights on a Sri Lanka Holiday