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Adventure Nepal - October 2009!!

Nepal is very warm now, we were lucky we did not have rain whilst trekking so no need for water proof gear.A fabulous holiday the food on trek is 'interesting' advise to all going on a trek to Nepal if you like pancakes take a jiffy lemon - honestly you will thank me ! The staff on trek are brilliant they were very helpful, and very knowledgable. But you do need to ask them questions. I learned so much, We were so lucky to be in Nepal during a festival time - we were treated to a 'concert' on our trek by the local villagers - and all joined in with the Monkey Donkey song and dance routine !! - a great sing along tune to trek to. - thanks for the memories Nepal xxJan

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Walking & Trekking
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4. Demanding
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Adventure Nepal

Asia, Nepal | 18 days
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Wilderness trekking
Enjoy stunning Himalayan scenery, experience both the Everest and Annapurna trekking regions, get a taste of rural village life

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