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Adventure Holidays and before up till now

Well I've done too many 'package deal' places in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. Mostly finance led choices altough I have to say that some of them have been very good holidays, but these have generally been when I was younger and enjoyed a few drinks too many.

A little more adventurous was my short stint on a Kibbutz but 3 weeks of rain when I got there and getting high on fumes in a boot factory for 6 days out of 7 was not really my idea of fun.

I've attempted to go on holiday to Egypt 4 times now which was cancelled twice due to the Gulf war and the Falklands war, once because of finances and once because of family illness. Now I think that someone is trying to tell me not go there!

I finally booked my first adventure holiday to China but unfortunately I had a ballooning accident which meant I had to come home after 4 days and subsequently found out that I had a fractured cocycx.

I tried again the next year and went to Vietnam and Cambodia and this was most definately MY BEST HOLIDAY EVER! This was sadly way back in 2005 and I don't think I will be able to top it! I was really happy with the AdventureCompany and will definately have another holiday with them again as soon as I can. Last year I went to Sri Lanka and couldn't convince my husband to go with a group on an orgaised tour. We went on a two week trip based in a beach hotel (which was nice enough) but no tour included. We messed up on organising our own and OH didn't enjoy the 'hassle'. So hopefully I will now be able to convince him that a trip with the AdventureCompany will be the way to go in the future as you definately get to see so much stuff and experience enough of the culture but are looked after along the way to take away all the stresses!

I want to do the China trip again one day when I can save up(but I'll leave the balloon trip out).

I've just been watching the Vietnam special on Top Gear and it really brings back great memories. I'll post some pics soon (I know they're a few years old but still good)

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2. Gentle
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Hanoi to Saigon

Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam | 16 days
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Local crafts
This is an exhilarating journey through the spectacular landscapes of Vietnam, and Cambodia’s awe-inspiring Angkor Wat.

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