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The Adventure Company team gets hands on!

Over summer, teams of volunteers from The Adventure Company have been leaving the office to support Runway's End, a children’s and young people’s activity centre that is due to open in Hampshire.

After the first team got stuck in a bout of rain and spent the day clearing the chapel area of all the brambles and raking up the site (lots of scratches and thorns involved for them!), the second team got lucky and were able to spend a lovely day in the Chapel area, clearing the weeds and planting new plants - as you can see from the pics below, the chapel area has been transformed!

We will be doing lots more over the year, so watch this space!

In case you're interested...

Runways End is built amongst nine acres of woodland, between Farnborough and Aldershot. The area is already well used by the Scouts but after the completion, school groups will also be able to use it during the day.

Runways End will be an eco-friendly site, producing its own hot water and heating through a biomass boiler and a rain harvesting system that will provide water to toilet facilities that will overall reduce utility bills.


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Zoe the gardener
Zoe gardening
Team 2 in the chapel garden
New benches in the chapel area
Sanding and painting
Runways End Chapel entrance