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Everest Base Camp Trek - 4th November 2011

Just a blog to chat to those who are on the same trip and also to speak to others about any Do's and Dont's whilst on the trip.

My Girlfriend and I had a deal last year that I picked last years holiday and she could pick this years...... Everest!!!

First of all this is my first Blog EVER!!! and secondly this will be my first 'Group Style' Holiday.

I open this up for anyone who can share any thoughts and opinions on the up and coming 'Ramble'!!!! and any other fellow '4th November 2011' trekkers!!.....

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Walking & Trekking
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5. Strenuous
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Everest Base Camp (2013)

Asia, Nepal | 18 days
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Trekking holiday to Everest Base Camp - Nepal
Everest is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights - a perfect place for adventure!

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3 August 2011

Hello Adam,

I'm sorry, I see you poste this in April, woops!!

How was the trek smart course?

I need to pull my finger out and start preparing!! lol

Have you managed to get the 5th person to confirm in your group yet?


8 April 2011


There is a group of four of us on this trip (hopefully five TBD). Most of us based out of central London if you are anywhere near and fancy a beer before hand. It is a mixed group of 3 blokes and a girl (hopefully 2 girls) with a varied experience of altitude and mountains. I don't think an of us have done the full blown group holiday thing either.

We are doing the Treksmart course at the end of the month in High Wycombe if you are planning to attend.

Look forward to November.