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Asia Adventure Holidays

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Amazing temples

First class trekking opportunities

Tiger Spotting safaris

Adventure Holidays in Asia

As you'd expect from the world's largest and most populous continent, you could take Asia holidays for the rest of your lifetime and still not see everything it has to offer. Choosing the right Asian tour for you involves digging down into your interests and what you want to get out of your trip.

If mountain trekking and spiritual discovery is what you're after, then Asia holidays which include trips to Nepal or Tibet are for you. A Nepal trekking holiday usually implies the popular Everest Base Camp trek and an unforgettable experience in the Himalayas. Our Nepal holidays allow travellers to share their experiences and meet local people. Along the way, there is the chance to see wildlife in the Chitwan National Park and pay a visit to the bustling and highly spiritual city of Kathmandu.

Travellers who prefer to ease off on the trekking should instead choose an Asian tour which includes Tibet, where Lhasa's monasteries are a big attraction for tourists from around the world.

Asian travel in this part of the world often incorporate a tour of India, found to the south of Tibet and Nepal. As the planet's second most populous nation, it's unsurprising that a whole world of discovery awaits on our India holidays. The country is known for the Taj Mahal and tiger spotting, but there is much more to do, including visiting Hindu temples in the tropical south and going on safari in its national parks. If elephants and monkeys are your favourite animals, then Sri Lanka should also be included on your Asian tour.

Asian holidays to China offer a change of pace with the chance to visit historic Beijing, cosmopolitan Shanghai and observe the Terracotta Warriors and Shaolin Monks. Japan is also worth a look, where high technology and archaic culture create an interesting contrast on your Asian travels.

Think you've seen it all on your Asian adventure holidays? Think again - the enigmatic nation of Kyrgyzstan may be a little off the well-beaten tourist trail, but its stunning mountain scenery makes it well worth a visit.
Cultural sights, challenging treks and spiritual experiences - Asia holidays have it all. 

Asia Adventure Holidays Map

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Family Holidays in Asia

There are few parts of the school curriculum which won't be relevant in some way to Asian holidays. Whether you choose to go tiger spotting in India, trekking in Nepal or discover Japan, China or Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage, Asian family holidays will captivate family members young and old.

While their friends return from the holidays with tales from the beach, your children will be able to regale their pals with stories of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan or the monasteries of Tibet. Before setting off, it's a good idea to read up on your destination and take precautions accordingly.

Teenagers will need to be fit, healthy and sensible to trek in the Himalayas or go on safari in India - and only you can know if your child is ready for these experiences. Ultimately, taking youngsters on Asian family holidays offers a wonderful chance to expand their minds and bring to life the animals, cultures and landmarks they learn about at school every day.

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