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Incredible culture

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Mekong River Adventures

Adventures in Laos

Remote Laos – also known as Lan Xang (Land of a Million Elephants) – has an appeal few countries can match. Neighbouring Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand often overshadow this hidden gem of South East Asia, but holidays to Laos offer fantastic off the beaten track adventures for travellers looking for inspiration and culture, either as a stand alone destination or combined with one of its more commonly visited neighbours. 

Laos travel -  journey by riverboat along the famous Mekong River, at over 2,500 miles long this impressive river is the longest in the region acting as both highway and water source for thousands of local people. Watch local life pass by on the banks as you journey along the river to the remarkable Pak Ou Caves. This Buddhist holy site is reached by a staircase carved into the limestone cliffs, where thousands of statues and images of Bhudda have been brought to one spot, creating a serene and intriguing experience. Some are thought to be over 400 years old.

Continuing down river takes travellers to Luang Prabang to discover temples and palaces adorned with golden spires and the chance to trek into the surrounding countryside. Laos has many ethnic groups; those that farm the hills and mountainsides are commonly referred to as hill tribes. These fascinating villagers have differing beliefs, languages, methods of farming and dress, making each unique. To gain an insight into daily lives in the region, Adventure Company groups hike to a local village and stay with a family in a village house, for many a highlight of this unique trip. Finally explore Vientiane - the quiet capital to wrap up your Laos travel adventure. 


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Family Holidays in Laos

A family holiday to Laos is a great off the beaten track adventure. Explore the jungle and swim in remote waterfalls, watch the world go by on the banks as your riverboat meanders along the Mekong Delta and interact with the friendly locals as you discover this untouched region. Laos is a genuinely exciting travel experience for the entire family, perfect for active families with a genuine sense of adventure who long to explore!

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