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Region Highlights: 

Panama Canal

Boquette highlands

Amazing flora & fauna

Adventures in Panama

Panama’s beautiful scenery, cosmopolitan culture and astounding biodiversity offer an irresistible lure to the relatively few adventure holiday makers that visit here. With it’s abundance of wildlife, natural (and man made!) wonders and tropical climate it’s a fantastic choice for any traveller looking for an unusual holiday either travelling alone or with friends. Panama holidays can encompass tremendous variety, including city, reef, highlands, local culture and a world renowned feat of engineering! 

The Panama Canal is the country’s most famous landmark. Taking 34 years to build and arguably one of the largest and most difficult feats of engineering ever undertaken; it’s a structural masterpiece linking the Pacific with the Caribbean. The distance from coast to coast is 55km and some 30-40 ships a day take up to eight hours to pass through. En route traversing underneath the Puente de las Americas (Bridge of the Americas) the point which joins North and South America.

Visit the nearby Portobello National Park, and explore a beautiful coastal reserve of nearly 35,000 hectares, or take a trip to Iguana Island Reef at Pedasi for some fabulous snorkelling. It’s also worth visiting a local village and meeting the local Embera Errebache people. 

For a change of pace venture into the highlands when the landscape becomes more rugged and temperatures cool, a refreshing change from the tropical lowlands. Early morning is the best time to hike the walking trails in the hope of seeing rare bird species such as the resplendent quetzal – a real active adventure!