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Region Highlights: 

Island of Ometepe

Mombacha Volcano

Colonial town of Granada

Adventures in Nicaragua

A visit to Nicaragua is great addition to any Central American adventure holiday, particularly for lovers of the natural world. Known colloquially as La Tierra de Lagos y Volcanes (The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes), the country has wonderful topographic variety. The Central American Volcanic Arc runs down its spine, giving Nicaragua wonderful topographic variety. Nature is at its best in this hotspot of biodiversity with its lush rainforest home to 5 species of big cat including jaguar and cougar, 3 species of monkey, tapir, anteaters and many more.

Dividing the nation (both geographically and culturally) is the immense Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America. To the west lies the country’s the predominantly Hispanic, Pacific coast, while the Caribbean lies to the east. On the lake it’s self is the impressive Ometepe Island, formed by two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas, one active and one dormant. This is a great base for an active adventure holiday as there is much to explore and discover whilst on rainforest hikes, walks to waterfalls and on the lower volcano slopes. A swim in Lake Nicaragua itself is a great way to cool off!

While on Nicaragua holidays the vibrant, colonial city of Granada is also well worth a visit with impressive architecture and picturesque streets. Souvenir hunters should visit the local market at Masaya, a great place to browse for the weird and wonderful.


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