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Region Highlights: 

The jungle clad ruins of Palenque

Colonial Merida

The Mayan ruins of Chitzen Itza

Adventures in Mexico

Travel to Mexico on a small group adventure and discover a fascinating country of widely contrasting cultures, from the modern to the ancient. Whether you are a travelling alone, with a partner or as part of a larger group, Mexico holidays offer fascinating history and plenty to explore. Marvel at the ancient cities of Teotihuacan and Palenque, enjoy the traditional culture in Chiapas and Oaxaca, snorkel in the underground rivers (cenotes) of the Yucatan and relax by the clear blue waters of Tulum. 

The impressive and well-preserved Mayan ruins that dot the Yucatan region date back over a thousand years and show how advanced this civilisation was. The society followed a complex religious order and developed complicated astronomical information to determine the occurrence of events. In Palenque, climb to the top of the Temple of the Cross for a fantastic view across the entire excavated site, with tantalising mounds of jungle covering unexcavated ruins rising through the trees. Explore the famous Chichen Itza. Perhaps one of the best-known sites, and recently included on the list of the new Seven Wonders of the World. 

Adventure travel isn’t always about the best known locations however. The uniquely preserved frescoes of Bonampak are definitely worth a short detour and a trip down river is the only way to reach the isolated site of Yaxchilan. Shrouded in jungle, with the sounds of howler monkeys echoing in the trees, it’s possible to believe you are among the first to stumble across this hidden gem, well off the beaten track and in the heart of Mexican adventure.


Mexico Map

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Family Holidays in Mexico

With jungles full of animals, a fascinating (and sometimes slightly gory) history and ancient ruins to be clambered up, Mexico is also a great place for a family adventure holiday. Hiring a site guide when looking around ruins really brings the past to life, fascinating for the entire family, while spotting monkeys in the trees and brightly coloured toucans and macaws flying past is exciting however old you are. After all this exploration, it’s also home to some fantastic beaches, white sand and blue Caribbean Sea – even active families need some ‘down time’!

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