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The pyramids of Tikal

Lake Aititlan

Adventures in Guatemala

Towering Mayan temples rising out of the rainforest, the eerie call of howler monkeys echoing through the jungle, the Caribbean rhythms of laid back Livingston, the beauty of volcano shrouded Lake Atitlan and the vibrant Chichicastenango market. Guatemala travel is a journey into another world, and visitors are certain to leave with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Once a stronghold of the Mayan civilisation the unearthed temples of Tikal are an awesome sight, a guided tour from temple to temple, jungle wildlife spotting along the way is a must; as is a visit to the Guatemalan highlands and Lake Atitlan. The highlands give a real taste of traditional local life – as it was and is. A trip across the lake allows travellers to explore Santiago and a visit to the shrine of the god Maximon; while a journey to Chichicastenango gives a genuine flavour of the everyday as you explore the market crowded with locals in traditional dress going about their daily lives.

Travel to Guatemala over Easter and your adventure holiday will coincide with Semana Santa (Holy Week), a national holiday and a great time to visit the former capital of Antigua. The immense processions throughout the town over Easter weekend involve hundreds of people carrying enormous litters with statues depicting the various stages the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. It’s a sight not to be missed and a fitting highlight of any holiday to Mesoamerica. 


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Lake Atitlan