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Region Highlights: 

Indigenous wildlife

Idyllic beaches

Extraordinary flora and fauna

Adventures in Madagascar

Madagascar holidays are simply unique. Roughly 125 million years ago, the world’s fourth largest island broke off the African mainland and drifted out into the Indian Ocean. Its subsequent isolation has ensured the evolution of spectacular wildlife, the like of which is not found anywhere else on Earth; the endearing lemurs, 800 species of butterfly and moth, half the world’s species of chameleon and an extraordinary variety of orchids. 

Its varied landscapes encompass the central plateaux - red earth and endless terraced paddy-fields, full of rice and reflections; immense tracts of dense, lush, tropical forest; the dry and inhospitable ‘spiny’ forest of the south and dazzling white sand beaches with sparkling seas festooned with coral reef. The pristine natural surroundings ensure Madagascar travel is inspiring for all types of active adventure.

Go hiking in the rainforest of three of the island’s national parks, in search of different lemur species and other native wildlife. Explore mid-altitude rainforests as well as the stunning rock formations of Isalo National Park and the pinnacles of the Grands Tsingy of Berarha, while a visit to Morondava gives the chance to swim or to stroll along the beach. 

The Adventure Company supports the Blue Ventures project in Madagascar which supplies indigenous local communities with energy efficient stoves. Should travellers wish they can find out more about this sustainable Madagascan travel initiative during their visit.


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Ring tailed Lemur