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Your Group

You’ll travel as part of a group of generally between four and twenty like-minded travellers. Keeping the groups small is essential to help you connect with the places you explore and make the most of your adventure holiday; our average group is just 14 people.
Our trips naturally attract people on the same wave length, you’ll have a lot in common instantly and there’s nothing liked shared experiences to bring people together. As a result most fellow travellers are friends you haven’t met.
Solo Travellers
As a result of the great camaraderie on trips half of most groups comprise of solo travellers, (people booking on their own).
If you’re a solo traveller see our range of dedicated solo holidays and which trips currently have more than three solos on.
If you would like to share your experience with your friends or family, we also cater for group holidays.
Your Group Leader
Every group is led by a leader from the country you will be visiting because they know the country, its people and the language, and it benefits the local economy. Our leaders make sure everything is looked after, leaving you free to enjoy the experiences.