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How fit do I need to be?

Are our walking & trekking trips for you?

Nearly everyone ponders whether they’ll hold the group back. Fitness is important, but you don’t have to be an athlete. Any healthy and active adult with an adventurous nature can join our walking holidays and trekking holidays; there is no place for competition. Our Guides will keep the group together and there are plenty of rest stops to admire the views. To help you assess what’s suitable each walking and trekking trip has been graded to reflect distance, duration, ascents and descents, terrain, altitude and climate. Remember these are just a guide; give our Travel Consultants a call if you have any queries.

There will be exploring on foot and the odd half-day walk largely on the flat, but as long as you have a sense of adventure these are suitable for anyone. These trips are more about culture and sightseeing.

An activity holiday that involves walking for around 2-4 hours each day, with possibly the odd longer one. They involve no particularly difficult terrain with some easy ascents and descents. The maximum altitude is 2,000m, so are suitable for anyone in good health.

Involves half or full-day walks, usually 3-6 hours over rugged terrain with regular ascents and descents and possibly some minor obstacles. The maximum altitude is 3,000m, so requires a reasonable physical condition; previous hill-walking experience and preparation would be beneficial.

Tough half or full-day walks, up to 8 hours over rough paths or animal tracks, involving ascents and descents on steep slopes (up to 1,000m a day). Maximum altitude is c 4,000m and as with all trips you’ll carry a daypack for your essentials. Good physical condition is essential and previous hill-walking experience or preparation advisable.

Full-day walks of up to 12 hours on steep slopes over difficult terrain where scrambling may be necessary. Ascent and descent are over 1,000m at altitudes up to 6,000m and the climate can be rigorous and environments challenging. Some trips involve over 14 days trekking. Excellent physical condition and previous mountain trekking experience or appropriate preparation is essential. The Everest Base Camp trek for example requires an excellent physical condition.